University President Collapses and Dies at Memorial Event (Video)

The acting president of Temple University in Philadelphia died suddenly Tuesday after becoming ill and collapsing on stage during a campus event, the school said. 

JoAnne A. Epps, 72, was attending a memorial service for Charles L. Blockson, curator of the Blockson Collection, when she got sick. She was taken to Temple University Hospital where she was pronounced dead, the school said. 

“There are no words that can describe the gravity and sadness of this loss,” a university statement states. “President Epps was a devoted servant and friend who represented the best parts of Temple. She spent nearly 40 years of her life serving this university, and it goes without saying her loss will reverberate through the community for years to come.”

The cause of death has not been shared by university officials. Temple University Provost Gregory Mandel choked up as he described Epps.

“We are all in deep grief and at a loss for words. To know Joanne is to be her friend,” Mandel said at the news conference. “She was one of the most remarkably compassionate and caring individuals I’ve ever known.”

Epps was the former dean of the university’s law school and provost. She was named acting president in April following the resignation of Jason Wingard, Temple’s first Black president, Fox Philadelphia reported. 

“I would never have imagined even becoming a professor at Temple, let alone being in this position,” Epps recently told the news outlet.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro described Epps as a “powerful force and constant ambassador for Temple University for nearly four decades.”

“Losing her is heartbreaking for Philadelphia. Lori and I are holding JoAnne’s loved ones in our hearts right now. May her memory be a blessing,” he posted on X, formally known as Twitter. 

As acting president, Epps focused on enrollment and the escalating crime levels near the university’s campus.

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  1. …yeah…whatever…who cares. She and her Globalist Friends have murdered and maimed billions with their Covid Diversity Genocide. Between the lies and lockdowns, the faked virus, faked cases and faked covid deaths, the murdered elderly and all the people they killed with Remdesivir, Midazolam and ventilators …she should have legally been dangled from a rope. She and her Temple cohorts didn’t care one bit when they were mandating others to accept the killer shots, and she is partially responsible for the pain and anguish of billions. F Her. I hope she died because of the shots she took and forced on others. I hope all of the other Temple Administrators are sitting in their homes, offices and toilets thinking about what they injected into themselves and forced onto others. I hope they are crapping themselves in fear.

  2. @RJ O’Guillory-I sincerely hope you never lose any of your ones (but that’s not going to happen) because we all including yo have an expiration date. I truly hope that no one ever send condolences to you or yours as you have insensitivibly sent this triad
    If you can’t or won’t feel any sorrow for her family, you should keep this lunacy to yourself-no one asked for your total ignorance. I realize free speech and all, but wow this is over the top.

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