Ted Cruz Predicts Michelle Obama Win Presidency in 2024

On Monday, September 18, Ted Cruz released an episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” where he made a shocking prediction.

The Senator of Texas suggested that the Democratic party may replace Joe Biden before nominating him for the 2024 presidential election.

“Here’s the scenario that I think is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous,” Cruz said before he launched into his theory. “In August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.”

“Michelle Obama – number one, you don’t infuriate African-American women, which is a critical part of the constituency the Democrats are relying on to win. Number 2 – If you pick from any of the four, the other three are pissed.

Because they’re all to some extent, peers, they’re rivals, all jabbing knives at each other. Michelle Obama because she was the first lady has the ability to parachute in above all four and say, ‘Hey, we’re not picking among any of you,'” he added before noting that it could put the Republicans in “very serious danger” when it comes to winning the presidency.

“In terms of a solution that unifies Democrats, there ain’t nothing like that,” he continued, mentioning how Obama could come in and “wake up” with the most powerful job in the world.

As OK! previously reported, Cruz’s statements came after reports claimed the left-wing has been begging Obama to run for president as recent polls put her 48 percent while President Joe Biden sits at 36 percent.

The “secret back-channel talks,” reported by RadarOnline.com, apparently began after Democrats “panicked” due to Donald Trump’s rising poll numbers.

“Democrats say somebody has to stop Trump and Barack knows Michelle is the best person to do it! Party heavyweights are secretly testing the waters for support,” the source claimed of former President Barack Obama, adding that a “draft Michelle” campaign has gotten some traction.

“If Michelle announced, the election would go immediately from a hotly contested footrace to a landslide,” the insider alleged. “While Barack has already endorsed Biden, he’s reneged in private and will publicly throw Joe overboard in a heartbeat if he thinks that the election is on the line.”

“He had hoped that the president would have rallied and come into his own at this point, but that clearly hasn’t happened,” the source said. “With 2024 growing closer and closer, he had to act since he apparently fears Joe is getting too old and frail to win.”

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    1. Trust me, Obama is no racist, she is married to a guy that is half white. And spell her name correctly if you are going to point fingers at someone.

  1. That would make Mikey the first transgender president, the weak minded would celebrate, and the United States would be totally destroyed!

    1. Really Fn Really Obama did nothing for This Country give our money to The Muslims Obama is and always will be a Traitor to this Country “Really”

  2. Mikey is as hated as much as her traitor,racist, husband. She has no chance of beating Trump, but I hope she runs for the laugh, anyway. These obamas are something else, they think thier loved by American citizens, after trashing us, and splitting the country, in two, with their racist retoric, against law enforcement, and the rule of law. Believe me, u are hated as much, as when u stole the WH, the 2nd time. u must be joking.

  3. This would be the most disgusting, disastrous thing ever to happen to America (including the time Michael’s revolting “spouse” was occupying the White House, accomplishing nothing but making stupid White liberals feel all safe and comfortable and sanctimonious),

  4. Why would anyone want someone who is “Finally proud to be an American for the first time” just because her half black husband becomes President? If you aren’t proud to be an American, leave and go where you are proud!

  5. Wow !!! The haters trolls took this very seriously….
    Personally I will welcome Michelle Obama as President as a much better choice than Ted, or Donald or Ron or any similar evil morons that relish on the chaos, misinformation, hate and fear they are spreading in our country.
    The problem is S–thead Ted is a troll and Michelle, no matter how much she loves our country, would not make her family go through another election and the hate , racist crap our moronic white racist will put the through.

    1. So you want someone like Michelle Obummer who openly spews her hatred of our USA that made her life so great!
      Americans voted for Mr. Obummer, so we aren’t racist like YOU are… not our fault lying piece of shiiite Barry did the OPPOSITE of everything he ever lied/claimed to be running on…
      Of course Democrats don’t care who their candidate is, whether alive, senile, criminal, murderer, or dead as long as have that ‘D’ after their name that guarantees lifetime Welfare for the junkies who refuse to work…

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