Ringo Starr Falls During Concert (Video)

Ringo Starr got by without a little help from his friends after falling onstage at a concert in Albuquerque Wednesday.

The former Beatles drummer, 83, began to jog to his microphone when he stumbled to the ground during “Give Peace a Chance,” video obtained by TMZ shows.

But like the true rock god he is, he popped back up on his own and joined his All-Starr Band for the chorus of the song made famous by late bandmate John Lennon.

According to the showbiz outlet, Ringo later joked about the timing of his tumble and the message of “Give Peace a Chance.”

“I fell over just to tell you that,” he said.

Last week Ringo celebrated the beginning of his fall 2023 tour, writing “on the road again peace and love Ringo.”

He was just a few cities in when gravity played the legend.

Last year, Ringo had to cancel the end of a tour after coming down with COVID-19.

While he may have had a klutzy moment, the dude still looks pretty damn spry.

Watch the footage below:

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  1. I hope he’s okay cause one don’t feel anything from things of this sort-especially with his age. Maybe as R O O’Guillory would say ” the fall was caused my being vaccinated”

  2. Well according to O’Guillory he got vaccinated was the reason he fell. But maybe being based helped him to pop back up. Mmm- what you think.

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