Popular DJ Tortured and Murdered by ‘Sadistic Thugs’

A popular Turkish DJ was allegedly tortured to death in London by “sadistic thugs” who inflicted 94 injuries on him — including beating him with a bat and stabbing his feet — and locked his girlfriend in a bathroom for two days, disturbing court proceedings revealed Wednesday.

Mehmet Koray Alpergin, 43, and his girlfriend, Gozde Dalbudak, 34, were abducted by six men near Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as they returned home from an Italian restaurant in Mayfair on Oct. 13, 2022, according to the Telegraph.

The assailants had allegedly installed a tracking device on Alpergin’s car, the jury was told.

The couple were put into separate vehicles — Dalbudak at knifepoint — and taken to an empty wine bar on White Hart Lane, the outlet reported.

His naked body — which had been punched, kicked, hit with a bat, and scalded with boiling water while his feet were stabbed, according to prosecutors — was dumped in the woods near Essex on Oct. 15.

It was discovered hours later by a dog walker.

Dalbudak was locked in the bar restroom for two days, jurors were told.

Steffan Gordon, 34, of Northolt; Tejean Kennedy, 33, of Cricklewood Broadway; Samuel Owusu-Opoku, 35, of Wood Green; Junior Kettle, 32, of Archway; Ali Kavak, 26, from Tottenham; and Erdogan Ulcay, 56, from Camden, have been accused of murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and perverting justice, according to the Telegraph.

“The prosecution alleges that Koray Alpergin was kidnapped and tortured either so that he might be punished for something that he had done or else forced to give up something that he knew — perhaps the whereabouts of either drugs or money — and which his kidnappers also wanted to know,” lawyer Crispin Aylett said.

“It is obvious that before his death, Koray Alpergin had been stripped naked and horrifically tortured,” he continued.

“From the number and nature of the injuries sustained, the prosecution suggests that it is not hard to envisage a group of sadistic thugs taking it in turns to inflict injury, whether with punches and kicks, hitting him with a bat, scalding him with boiling water, stabbing his feet.”

He alleged the attack was connected to “organized crime” and “almost certainly drugs,” Aylett added.

Jurors were told Alpergin, who owned London-based Turkish-language radio station Bizim FM, was not his usual “happy-go-lucky” self prior to the deadly attack and that he seemed anxious.

The popular DJ was also allegedly in debt, including around $40,000 just for his car, the Telegraph reported.

Mehmet Koray Alpergin.
An autopsy revealed he had suffered 94 injuries and was covered in cuts and bruises. Lawyer Crispin Aylett said, “It is obvious that before his death, Koray Alpergin had been stripped naked and horrifically tortured.”

Kennedy, Owusu-Opoku, Kettle and Kavak deny the murder charge and false imprisonment and kidnapping charges.

Gordon admitted to kidnapping but denied the murder and false imprisonment.

Ulcay and Kavak deny the perversion charges. Owusu-Opoku admitted to it, according to the Telegraph.

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  1. What are all these Turks, Pakistanis, Africans, etc. doing in the UK anyway? Seems like they are all up to no good.

    1. The sun never sets on the British Empire… UK has always had people from all over…
      This murder just part of UK’s own Liberals’ junkies CRIME WAVE… similar to USA evil Democrats’ beloved junkies CRIME WAVE of 75 MURDERS DAILY…

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