Liza Minnelli Spending Last Days at Home with ‘Her Dogs, Her Favorite Movies and Her Memories’

After spending a lifetime in the spotlight, Liza Minnelli, 77, is said to be spending her final days in seclusion.

Sources spilled that Judy Garland’s daughter rarely leaves home anymore but still had hope that she would return to the stage for a final goodbye.

According to sources, Minnelli lives a simple life in the comfort of her home.

“Liza doesn’t leave home much anymore,” the insider told the National Enquirer. “She’s surrounded by her dogs, her favorite movies and her memories.”

The source said noted that the cabaret singer was finally taking the time to “focus on herself.”

“She has spent a lifetime making other people happy,” the insider continued. “Now it’s time to focus on herself.”

While her daily routine is a stark contrast to her lively performances on the stage, Minelli is said to be holding out hope she can entertain her fans one more time.

The insider revealed that Minnelli “does have plans to return to the stage one more time to say goodbye” and was allegedly determined to make the performance happen “even if it’s in a wheelchair.”

A rep for Minnelli echoed the insider’s remarks and said the once-busy star is “very much looking forward to performing again.”

As previously reported, Minnelli’s friends feared that she may be losing her battle with dementia.

Back in late June, close pals told that Minnelli is receiving “round-the-clock” care from a nurse at her Los Angeles home. The New York, New York star’s cognitive abilities were also said to have declined further in recent months.

“Liza often fidgets, her hands shake, and she looks look horrible,” sources told “She sometimes doesn’t know who she’s talking to and has a hard time focusing.”

The last public sighting of Minnelli was in September 2022, when she stepped out for dinner. Minnelli’s frail state was shocking as she appeared to struggle to stand and required the assistance of two individuals.

Months before the concerning dinner outing, Minnelli was featured as a presenter at the Academy Awards in March 2022.

Fans were shocked by Minnelli’s bewildered state as she stumbled through her script for Best Picture nominee alongside co-presenter Lady Gaga, who compassionately stepped in to help the legendary songbird finish the presentation.

“Liza rarely leaves the house anymore, so the Oscars were supposed to be such an important moment for her,” a source explained of the unfortunate night.

“It turned out horribly, though, when she was brought out in a wheelchair instead of being seated in a producer’s char, as she was expecting. She didn’t want people to remember her that way.”

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  1. …Liza was a Star Child of a Super Star…and carried herself pretty well over the years. Good luck and much love in the time she has left…and wherever she is headed.

  2. I am quite surprised that RJ O’Guillory didn’t say the reason for Liza’ medical issues didn’t result from being vaccinated. What a change in his demeanor and he wasn’t hateful at all. Hats off this time.

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