Meghan Markle’s Father ‘Pleads’ to See His Grandchildren

Thomas Markle made an impassioned plea to his estranged daughter Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, to allow him to meet his grandchildren.

“I’m heartbroken. I am very upset,” Thomas shared during a new interview while struggling to speak after a debilitating stroke. “This is a cruel thing to do to a grandparent — to deny the right to see a grandchild.”

Thomas was candid about their relationship, or lack thereof, on Good Morning Britain, revealing the tension has gone on for more than four years and appears to have no end in sight.

“In California, I can actually sue to see them, but I don’t want to do that,” he said of Meghan and Harry’s two kids, Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2. “The other thing is I’ve done nothing wrong. There’s nothing that points to say I’m a bad guy.”

When asked if he believed Harry was persuading her behavior, Thomas insisted Meghan was the one holding the reins.

“I think she has an influence on Harry more than he does on her,” Thomas suspected, noting her relationship with the Duke of Sussex’s father is just as strained. “King Charles has done nothing wrong too and he is denied the kids as well as I am.”

“I’m a really loving father and she knows that, and there’s no excuse for treating me this way,” he said. “Meghan lived with me from sixth grade to high school and I never saw anything like that. I never saw the kind of woman she turned into. I am shocked. She is not the person I knew as my daughter.”

Over the years, Thomas has been accused of staging paparazzi photos for cash ahead of Meghan and Harry’s 2018 nuptials and, more recently, of being involved in a “tacky” sightseeing tour of Montecito, where his daughter and her family reside.

“I am not involved in any way,” he previously declared.

As for his connection with Meghan, Thomas said, “I am always here for her, I still love her — I’ll love her forever,” He continued, “That will never change but I want her to reach out to me and let me see my grandkids and let me have a little peace.”

As we previously reported, the renegade royals have been still finding their footing in California after stepping back from their senior duties in 2020 and vowing to become financially independent.

Despite lingering drama between Harry and his family, it was claimed that he recently called his brother, Prince William, in an attempt to end their feud.

The estranged siblings have put on a united front in recent months after Harry and Meghan flew across the pond for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022, with Harry once again returning to attend the historic coronation of his father this May.

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  1. I’m sure Harry wants to mend fences with his family due to money. He doesn’t understand he’s done some unforgivable stuff. Mr Markle needs to forget about Megan. He should sue for grandparents rights.

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