Cher’s Friends ‘Shocked’ by Singer Reconciling with 37-Year-Old Boyfriend

Singer Cher was spotted out with her old flame 37-year-old Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards — and her decision has caused concern within her tight-knit circle, has learned.

Over the weekend, 77-year-old Cher was spotted holding hands with AE while leaving dinner in Beverly Hills.

The duo was joined by singer J Balvin and his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer, according to Page Six. AE’s close friend Tyga was also at the dinner.

In photos, Cher and AE rocked matching black outfits. He was seen holding the entertainer tight while they laughed with each other.

After they finished their meal, the two walked to a black SUV and drove off together.

Cher and AE were first linked together in November 2022. They were seen holding hands while leaving a Hollywood hotspot.

The singer said AE popped the question in January. The two ended their relationship in April. Sources said Cher’s friends were “ecstatic” by the news that the romance was over.

At the time, a source said, “It’s pretty clear to her now AE was probably just using her all along to raise his profile. Another insider said issues started when Cher started recording new tracks with the music executive.

“AE wasn’t even born when Sonny & Cher were topping the charts in the ‘60s,” said a source. “Things didn’t go well when he started barking orders in the studio as he does with younger artists.”

As we previously reported, many feared AE was using Cher for her connections and that he stuck around because of the lavish gifts she gave him during their fling.

Sources tell, “Cher’s friends were shocked by the singer’s being out with A.E.”

The source said Cher’s friends, “are no fans of AE and have real concerns about where his heart is at in all of this.” Many believed Cher rushed into the romance after the tragic death of her mother, Georgia Holt.

“They fear Cher will get hurt in the end,” said the insider who added the singer’s friends, “don’t want her to deal with nonsense at her age. Everyone thinks she should get rid of him quickly.”

“They want him gone,” said another source.

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