Hollywood Actor Caught in Shocking Criminal Operation (Video)

Actor Gabriel Jarret has allegedly been caught in a pedophile sting operation.

The 53-year-old actor is best known for appearing in 1985’s Real Genius alongside Val Kilmer.

He also appeared in films Last Days and Apollo 13 and TV shows The West Wing and 21 Jump Street.

Jarret is accused of sending ‘sexually explicit’ messages to who he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

According to MailOnline, Jarret was caught by social media vigilantes Creep Catcher Unit who set up a decoy account and claimed to have been in contact with Jarret for more than a year.

Creep Catcher Unit’s main mission is to ‘expose online predators’.

The outlet reports that Jarret was supposed to meet a ‘teenager’ in Santa Monica on Sunday night and references screenshots in which the actor allegedly chatted with who he apparently thought was an underage person.

The Creep Catcher Unit was said to be waiting for Jarret, who insisted he thought the girl was 18.

Jarret allegedly also said he was only meeting with the person to tell them to stop messaging him.

In a since-deleted video, MailOnline claims Jarret said: ‘I’m not meeting a 13-year-old girl.

‘I’ve got someone that was calling me again and again, and I told her again and again, you know, you need to stop this. And she started getting insistent, whatever. And I’m here to tell her to stop.’

‘She said she was 18,’ he reportedly added.

The vigilantes are said to have sent the footage along with other ‘evidence’ to the Santa Monica Police.

Messages seen by the outlet are said to have started back in May 2022 and in them, Jarret allegedly grooms the supposed underage girl.

The phone number allegedly used by Jarret apparently matches one he previously wrote on court documents filed in LA in 2018.


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