Steve Harvey Slams Incessant Affair Rumors

Harvey, 66, shut down rumors during a conversation his radio show that his wife, Marjorie, cheated on him. 

“This woman got in the hole and built this with me. She didn’t steal nothing! And I’m tired of y’all talking about my girl because my girl is one of the best women I’ve ever met,” he emphasized on an episode of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” earlier this week.

“We are a tighter two-handed circle. Thanks for doing that. You’re not going to split us up! We’re not going nowhere and she is none of what you said she is. She’s the best chick I know. Now I’m defending her, and you can feel how you want to feel about that.”

The television personality’s comments come after his “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” co-host addressed rumors over a leaked conversation she had about the couple. Shirley Strawberry claimed that Harvey was “scared” of his wife and implied Marjorie looked at the radio show crew as “the help.”

Strawberry issued an apology to Harvey and Marjorie in a video posted on social media. 

“It was not me trying to add to what you and Marjorie already have going on in your lives right now. But the fact that these tapes were released, it does seem that everyone is coming for you, including me,” she explained on the radio show, shared on Instagram.

“But in reality, the tapes have nothing to do with what you and Marjorie have going on. It was just me running my mouth in what I thought was a private conversation. I apologize. I feel terrible.”

The cheating allegations first surfaced when the YouTuber Keem shared a post claiming Marjorie had extramarital relations with Harvey’s security guard and the couple’s chef.

“Steve Harvey’s wife cheated on him with the bodyguard & the personal chef,” he wrote in a since-deleted post on X, previously known as Twitter. The YouTube star also shared a video of a speech Harvey previously made about his wife.

Marjorie has also touched on the allegations. She shared a post on Instagram that read “How To Handle Being Lied About.” The post also featured a Bible verse about not retaliating.

Harvey and Marjorie married in 2007. The couple has a blended family of seven, Brandi, Karli, Broderick, Wynton, Morgan, Jason and Lori Harvey.

Steve Harvey Lori Harvey

Meanwhile, Harvey recently shared on his social media that NBC required him to work with a linguist for him to be “speak more eloquently” to become “successful.”

“I told my audience about the time a linguist told me my grammar was ‘improper.’ I had to give her a little bit of knowledge about how I got to where I am today using my ‘improper’ grammar all along the way,” Harvey wrote on X. 

After Harvey explained he did not have a degree, he went on to say how he refused lessons from a linguist.

“I’m not going to let you change my mind, ‘cause I’ve never known you up until this point. Now I’ve made it to this point without you. I don’t know how you figure I ain’t going to get the rest of the way without you.”

Harvey was host of his daytime talk show for five seasons, which aired from 2012 until 2017. 

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