Former Actor ‘Blinded’ in Attack Over Covid Mask

An actor was left permanently blinded in one eye by an attack last month for wearing a Covid-19 face mask.

In the wake of the incident, a friend of Will Keenan, created a GoFundMe page, with a goal of raising $10,000. By Wednesday afternoon, that fundraiser had earned more than $15,000.

Keenan was reportedly assaulted on August 27 at a townhouse in Jersey Cape, New Jersey. He explained the incident to Newsweek. He was at a townhouse in New Jersey, where a man had often remarked on Keenan’s mask-wearing habits during the pandemic. Keenan told the outlet that he was a big mask wearer, largely to protect his young daughter from contracting the virus.

While sitting at a dining room table at a townhouse last month, the former Tromeo and Juliet actor suddenly felt something around his neck. He told Newsweek: “At first I thought it was a joke but it kept getting tighter and yanked me off the chair.”

It was a nylon rope, he later discovered, which he said he was eventually able to remove from his neck.

When Keenan asked the assailant what was going on, he recounted to the outlet: “He screamed at me and said, ‘I told you never to wear a mask in this house,’ and I replied immediately back, even louder, ‘What the f*** are you talking about? I’ve been here five or six times with a mask every time, you’ve never even seen my face.’”

In the days following the attack, Keenan reportedly noticed that his vision was getting fuzzy — with vision in his left eye eventually going completely dark.

The former actor told Newsweek that a doctor informed him that he was suffering from a detached retina, caused by the strangulation.

He shared his post-operation photos on X.

Many people who donated to the GoFundMe page expressed their concerns about the current political climate that contributed to the attack. One person commented, “Shame on us all that we have devolved into this barbaric social contract encouraged by the recent ex-president. People need to step up and do the right thing…We must stop making atrocious and lethal behavior accepted as commonplace and inevitable.”

In the same vein, another donor wrote: “As an American, I’m deeply embarrassed & saddened that you have been disabled due to a coward full of hatred. I applaud you for protecting your daughter, despite the insanely unnecessary consequences that come with it.”

Another wrote, “The Pandemic is not over. No one should be attacked for wearing a mask, or anything else to keep themselves and others safer that does not harm others.”

Keenan previously told Newsweek that he was approached by police a few days after the incident, who apparently said that possible charges against his attacker could include “attempted murder by strangulation.”

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    1. On top of that, sounds like a BS story from a washed up actor acting out a role to curry favor with the woke mask wearing crowd… no mention of who the supposed strangler was… who would have been sued for damages… instead of a GoFundMe being set up…

  1. This is abs terrible, really feel for the guy. Losing eyesight is obv no joke. We hope the GFM keeps going up & up & up ! I laughed at another comment; the person saying we have really gone downhill as a society >> then stokes the flames w/ the very thing that is big part of the reason: Almost everything is political. So they had a one shot @ ‘rallying some troops’ & spreading good energy — but immediately dumped on 85+ million of their ‘fellow’ Americans. ‘L’

  2. Sounds like a Jussie Smollett type story.

    We are to believe that Will Keenan was sitting inside a house and someone threw a noose around his neck?
    And this affected his eye?
    Which looks to be the right eye in some pictures. And the left eye in another picture.
    And he is blaming the noose throwing it on someone not liking masks?
    That he has worn several times before?
    And now this former actor he is setting up a Go Fund Me?

    Jussie Smollett blamed imaginary people whose political ideology he did not like, too.

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