Beyoncé’s Dancers Protect Singer After Fan Throws Object Onstage (Video)

These dancers got in “Formation” quickly.

Long-time dancers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois – also known as “Les Twins” — rushed to Beyoncé’s aid earlier this month after a fan threw a mysterious object during the Los Angeles stop on her Renaissance World Tour.

In a TikTok posted by one of the concert attendees on Monday, Beyoncé, 42, can be heard belting out her 2013 hit “Drunk In Love” when the object — which from a distance appears to be an article of clothing — lands at the singer’s feet.

Noticing the potential hazard, one of the twins managed to remove the item from the stage while the other confronted the perpetrator.

After seemingly diffusing the situation, the Bourgeois twins, 34, attempted to leave only to be drawn back after a security guard stationed nearby thwarted the fan’s second attempt to chuck the item onstage.

Springing into action, both dancers — who have toured with the “Single Ladies” singer since 2013 — exchanged a few tense words with the fan before storming off.


@travis_in_cali Something gets thrown at Beyonce on stage and Les Twins are ready to fight. Drunk In Love #lestwins #beyonce #renaissanceworldtour #reniassance #sofistadium #losangeles ♬ original sound – Travis_in_cali

Several fans praised the dancer’s swift action in preventing an onstage mishap.

“Do not mess with the les twins,” commented one fan. “They do not play when it comes to Bey, they gon protect her.”

“Girl why would you do that when the twins are right there,” chided a second fan. “You know they don’t play about mother they’re her first twins.”

“Idiots why are you throwing things on stage,” questioned a third fan.

“It’s on the rare side to see the roles reversed where Larry is holding back Laurent,” observed one fan. “Man’s was heated.”

Although Beyoncé seemed blissfully unaware of the drama unfolding offstage, this is not the first time an overeager fan has caused trouble at a concert.

In July, Bebe Rexha was injured in New York City by a fan who hurled his phone at her and smacked her in the eye, forcing her to cancel the remainder of her concert and get stitches.

The phone-thrower, identified as 27-year-old Nicolas Malvagna, was later detained by police and charged with assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault and harassment.

According to police, Malvagna claimed that he thought throwing the phone at the pop star would be “funny.”

Days later, Ava Max, 29, sustained an eye injury while performing in Los Angeles after a fan managed to get onstage and slap the “Not Your Barbie Girl” singer.

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini, 29, also had to stop a June concert when she got hit in the face with a bracelet.

“We all may have triggers and layers of fears way deeper than what is shown,” she shared via Instagram Story afterward. “And that’s why I walked offstage to calm down and make sure myself, band and crew, and the crowd felt safe to continue. That’s all I ever want, is for shows to feel like a safe place for us all. I love you and appreciate all the concern.”

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