Witness to J.F.K.’s Killing Changes His Story 60 Years Later (Video)

Paul Landis, one of the Secret Service agents closest to John F. Kennedy during his assassination, has come forward with a new accounting of events six decades after the fact that raises questions about the official version.

The revelations center around the so-called magic bullet that struck and then exited the president before hitting then-Governor John B. Connally Jr. in such a way that caused injuries to his chest, thigh and wrist, according to conclusions drawn by the Warren Commission.

Landis challenged that accounting of events, claiming he found the bullet lodged in one of the seats of the presidential limousine.

Landis’ revelations came in an interview with The New York Times ahead of the publication of his memoir The Final Witness next month.

The new account of events by the now 88-year-old contradicts conclusions drawn by the Warren Commission and some statements Landis filed with officials on the day of.

On the possibility of there being multiple gunmen that day, Landis told the Times: “At this point, I’m beginning to doubt myself. Now I begin to wonder.”

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  1. a fool will believe a liar every time. My mom taught he to NOT be an idiot. Do NOT eat the crap sandwiches. They are of no value and not healthy

  2. And why not the full release of the JFK files? And why is there never the mentioning of E Howard Hunt’s death bed confession? Everyone knows the deep state involvement and cover up! Most idiots don’t want to face the truth!

  3. The fact that there were multiple gunmen was evident by JFK’s body. The back of his skull was blown out, this is clearly an exit wound as an entrance wound would be the size of a bullet hole. This was a planned and organized hit – mafia/military style. JFK had zero chance of surviving it.

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