‘Hulk’ Star Lou Ferrigno Opens Up About Wife’s ‘Debilitating’ Disease

Lou Ferrigno’s wife is suffering from debilitating dementia caused by advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, and he is taking legal steps to ensure her welfare.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the bodybuilder is asking a court to make him the sole trustee of the family trust, given his wife — Carla Ferrigno — is physically and mentally unable to make decisions or take part in their finances.

Ferrigno says his wife of 43 years is currently suffering from “advanced dementia” and is in need of 24-hour care.

A representative for the actor tells The Blast, “Even the Hulk must cope with the challenges of life in caring for a spouse with advanced dementia. Carla’s dementia has significantly progressed.” Adding, “She has severe memory impairment and psychosis, and is no longer the same person who Lou knew for decades.”

Lou Ferrigno Claims His Wife Needs 24-Hour Care Due To Alzheimer’s Disease

Of course, Lou is willing to take care of his wife and deal with the medical treatment and the family’s finances, but he needs an order from the court.

“Lou remains devoted to caring for Carla who needs twenty-four-hour care. While Carla is a named co-trustee of the Trust, she is unable to act under the terms of the Trust if a physician declares her incapacitated in writing,” it reads.

In the filing, Lou included a letter written by Carla’s doctor on September 1, 2023, explaining the advanced situation and diagnosis.

Following the direction of her physicians, Lou’s lawyers believe the court filing is “necessary to confirm the Trust’s directive that Mr. Ferrigno is the sole Trustee to administer the Trust to ensure the welfare of his wife suffering from dementia-Alzheimer’s disease.”

Carla Ferrigno Accused Bill Cosby Of Forcing Himself On Her

In 1980, the former Mr. Universe married Carla, while he was at the peak of his fame. Interestingly, the couple has opened up about how they didn’t have much money in the bank at the time. In the 1960’s, Carla worked as a Playboy Bunny for Hugh Hefner. It should be noted, that Carla worked as a manager for Lou in the years following his skyrocket to fame on the television show ‘Hulk.’

Carla Ferrigno made huge headlines in 2014, accusing Bill Cosby of trying to force himself on her at his home. Ferrigno recalled the incident, saying, “I am so upset. I’m literally shaking in my body from all of this,” as she told the story.

She described the scene as a dinner party with Cosby’s wife and her “date” and after watching a movie she found herself alone with him.

“He grabbed me, pulled me to him, and kissed me on the mouth like really, really rough,” Ferrigno said. “I was a tough girl. I just took my hands and pushed him away and said, ‘What are you doing?’ and I said ‘Hey, well, I’ve never been kissed by a black man before.’”

When she told him it was “no different,” Ferrigno said it angered Cosby, who responded, “Oh yeah? You wouldn’t have said that if it weren’t different.” And he came at me again and I just pushed and jumped and ran and I got out of his way and ran out of the hall and this guy was coming out of one of the rooms and I said I want to go home. … I never said anything to anybody in all these years.”

The decision is now up to a judge.

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