British TV Host Skewered After Live Breaking News Blunder (Video)

A presenter on a conservative British TV station is taking flack after a disastrous attempt to deliver breaking news Saturday.

On Saturday (10 September), when news suddenly broke that escaped terror suspect Daniel Abed Khalife had been arrested, cameras cut to presenter Martin Daubney, who was in no way prepared.

Having to improvise on the spot without an autocue, Daubney, flustered, said: “First, it’s the news headlines… no it’s not – we’re going straight to me. This is breaking news – this is fast and happening.”

He then referred to the terrorist as “the terror man” and, growing increasingly more flustered, swore, stating: “F***, it’s all gone wrong.”

Attempting to prematurely throw things over to a guest booked to appear on the show, Daubney said: “Chip Chapman, we have him coming up soon on the arrest of the terror suspect. He escaped from Wandsworth Prison and he’s been apprehended.”

He also attempted to read from the autocue, but the words did not seem to be in order.

However, Daubney continued to stumble over his words, continuing: “We’ve got our first guest. Police have arrested prisoner Daniel Khalife, beg your pardon… This story is just happening.”

The errors didn’t stop there as Daubney then introduced the incorrect guest. |Joining me now for the latest is GB News Home Security Editor, Mark White, are you there, Mark?” he said, before correcting himself: “It’s Chip Chapman, we have Chip Chapman.”

The moment went viral on social media shortly after, with many lampooning Daubney and the channel for the error

Broadcaster Jamie East called the clip “f*** glorious”, adding: “Every second brings me unbridled joy. This channel has been on air for over two years. There is no excuse for being this abysmal anymore, not one.”

Watch the clip below:

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