LOWE’s Senior Executive’s Daughter, 16, Dies After Crashing Porsche

The daughter of a senior Lowe’s executive died early Saturday after plowing her Porsche supercar into a tree – allegedly while speeding.

Stella Grace Bright, 16, who has a twin sister called Olivia, was driving her 2014 Porsche 911 near Lake Norman, North Carolina when she flew off the road and ended up in a rock landscaping wall, which killed the teen and hospitalized two others in her car. 

One of the two passengers was in the back of the Porsche, even though it is a two-seater which is not supposed to hold rear-seat passengers. Bright and the other front seat passenger were both in seat belts. 

The person in the back was not wearing one. Neither the injured victims’ identities have been released – and updates on their conditions have not been shared. 

The tragedy unfolded at around 3:20 a.m. Saturday, less than two miles from her family’s lavish $2.6 million lake house. 

Heartbreaking tributes have poured in following the 16-year-old’s death, with her grief-stricken twin mourning the loss of her ‘other half’.

‘I don’t know how I’m going to live another day without you u meant the world to me and still do. You didn’t deserve to go this soon you really didn’t,’ Olivia wrote. 

‘I won’t stop thinking about you and I know you want me to be happy so I’m going to try to be happy just for you.’ 

Authorities determined that Bright had been speeding when she plowed her Porsche supercar into a tree and a rock landscaping wall, which killed the teen and hospitalized two others

In a news release following the collision, North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Christopher Casey declined to say what speed the teen reached before the crash, but determined that it was the contributing factor to the wreck.

It is unclear if the supercar – which has a top speed of 199mph – was owned by Bright outright, or if she had been insured on a car belonging to her parents Teresa and Chris. Local news outlets including the Charlotte Observer described the car as hers.

As investigations were launched to determine the cause of the tragic accident, police closed off the scene for over three hours. 

The collision occurred in the area of Mansfield Loop, around five miles from Donald Trump’s golf course Trump National Charlotte. 

Casey did not elaborate on what Bright and her two friends were doing before the accident, with the teen succumbing to her injuries less than two miles from her luxurious family home by Lake Norman.   

The picturesque lakefront home is decked out wit a private pier, saltwater pool and lavish spa. 

Her father, Chris Bright, is the Vice President of Market Delivery & Final Mile at Lowe’s, the second largest home improvement retailer in America. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he joined the company three years ago, and previously worked as the vice president of supply chains at Nordstrom. 

Stella’s mom Teresa has a gift-making business and regularly posted photos of her daughters and their stunning home online. The family originally hail from the Pacific Northwest. 

Following news of the 16-year-old’s passing, her heartbroken friends and family have shared poignant memories with the teen, describing her as a kind and warm individual who ‘lit up the room’.

Her best friend Jocelyn Carroll took to Instagram to share memories with the teen, saying: ‘Rest in peace to my bestest friend in the whole universe.

‘I can’t even begin to describe with words how grateful I am to have met you and to be apart of your life. You are so amazing and caring ad kind and talented and you had such a beautiful soul.

‘You always know how to put a smile on anyone’s face… you were the bestest sister I never got to have and I miss you so much. I’m so sorry I never got to say goodbye.’ 

Another friend Nikki Degroot said she knew the teen for two years, and would miss her ‘sweet laugh’ and ‘hilarious sense of humor.’ 

‘There are absolutely no words to describe how much you were loved and how we are all going to miss you so so so much,’ she continued in the post alongside pictures of a smiling Bright with her pals.

‘You lit up every rom you walked into and I loved every minute I’ve ever spent with you.’ 

Bright's mournful pals said they 'loved every minute' they spent with her

Those who knew Bright added that she was an outgoing and gregarious 16-year-old, as the sociable teen was said to always know how to ‘make people smile in an awkward situation’ by her friend Ryleigh Ackermann. 

‘Words can’t even describe how much my heart aches for you and the others involved,’ she said in a post to social media. 

‘I wish we could’ve had the rest of our high school experience together. I would do anything to get one more hug from you.

‘You were a beautiful, smart, caring, bubbly girl. I know you will always be up there looking out for all of us… you were the sweetest soul and went too soon.’ 

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  1. Sorry, but how completely irresponsible as a parent to be giving a 16 year a Porsche and even more a supercar with that type of speed! Even adults that drive them have to be experienced! That father is a complete moron! I hope he does his job better than he is a parent. Good God man you need a good smack along side the head! You not only lost your daughter but let an incredible car get destroyed.

    It’s sad this happened but this was an absolute disaster waiting to happen. I really cannot believe the stupidity of parents these days. If anything that girl should have nothing more than a Toyota that is limited on speed.

    A hard lesson to learn for both the parent and the child.

  2. Truly sad for all those kids. How she was able to use that car is just a tragedy. It is a horrible lesson to learn with the loss of young people. Prays for the familie.

  3. An old saying…”nothing good happens after midnight!’ What the hell is a 16yo doing out that late? Hope this tradegity wakes up other parents. Should never have such a car…only makes for bad

    1. I know what you’re saying in general but I will tell you the Porsche 911 is such a nice car to drive you don’t have to drive it fast to enjoy it. Most high-performance cars of this nature are that way. Don’t know what caused the incident. Could’ve been something on the road she tried to avoid or possibly a liquid such as antifreeze or oil on the road. I’ve seen a bad incident where caterpillars were crossing and the vehicles that hit it slid out of control and crashed because they were like grease. Wouldn’t of mattered what speed she was traveling at that point if a road debris created a slick condition.
      I’m sure we’ll find out more after the investigation results are released.

  4. This young lady had everything to live for. I am sure in her young teenage mind, the thought of losing her life to her reckless behavior never occurred to her. We were all teenagers at one time, so who are we to judge anyone. I just hope she did not suffer. May God be merciful to her young soul.

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