Goodwill Manager Calls Cops After Finding ‘Ancient’ Human Skull in Donation Box (Video)

A human skull with a false eye was recently found in a box donated to a Goodwill in Arizona, according to local authorities.

Police responded to the scene in Goodyear on Tuesday after learning “an actual human skull” may have been left there, according to Arizona Republic and ABC affiliate KNXV-TV.

A manager at the Sarival and Yuma Goodwill informed police about the odd discovery, according to the Goodyear Police Department.

GYPD Public Information Officer Lisa told KNXV-TV that the skull was found among “other taxidermy items” and never made it to the store’s floor.

“This is an unusual one,” Berry said.

The box the skull came in is believed to have been dropped off over the weekend, Berry told KNXV-TV.

Police agreed that the skull appeared to be a human skull upon observing the item at the scene, she said in a video posted on social media.

The skull was then transferred to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office for further evaluation, Berry explained.

The GYPD said the medical examiner’s “initial findings confirm” that the skull belonged to a human and that it “appears to be historic.” 

Police said the skull “doesn’t appear to be linked to a crime” either. The “ancient” skull seemingly does not have “any forensic value at all,” Berry said in the video.

“Goodwill did do the right thing. Anything suspicious should always be reported,” said Berry, per KNXV-TV.

An investigation into the skull is ongoing, according to the Republic.

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  1. Great Halloween decoration….
    Maybe I can get my family to do as well with my skull when I longer have a need for it

  2. Really? Our country really has some weak people! Call the police for some decoration. Grow some thick skin people!

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