‘Disgusting’ Photo of John Travolta’s Home Sparks Outrage Online

An aerial view of what was identified as John Travolta’s house provoked intense reactions from commenters this August.

The photo appeared in r/Anticonsumption, a subreddit whose tagline is simply “consumerism kills.” The community is dedicated to finding ways to buy less, reduce waste, and minimize members’ impact on the planet.

When a user showed how the most wasteful members of society live, the responses are predictable.

“An aerial view of John Travolta’s house in Ocala, Florida, with parking space for his Bombardier Challenger and vintage Qantas 707,” was the caption on the post.

John Travolta's mansion
Photo Credit: u/TheRoastB3ast / Reddit

In the photo, Travolta’s mansion was visible sprawling across acres of open lawn. While a long, winding driveway led to the massive parking lot in front of the house, it was dwarfed by the tarmac in back, where two jet planes stood partially under covered ports. The swimming pool at the back of the house and the tennis court tucked into a tree-lined corner of the property were almost afterthoughts.

“It’s like he doesn’t even care about tennis,” one Redditor joked, while another had no time for jokes and simply called it “disgusting.”

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“I love the shape of the driveway,” said another scornful commenter. “It’s absolutely ridiculous. Like they clearly wanted people to get a good look at the whole house while driving up but didn’t want to move the driveway itself.”

But the biggest issue by far was the two planes. “Just by owning two jets, his carbon footprint is larger than a small city,” said one user. “We truly need to abolish grossly excessive wealth like this.”

According to Mongabay, air travel is responsible for 4% of the planet’s temperature increase, which is more than most countries. Riding in an airplane produces about 100 times as much heat-trapping carbon pollution as riding a bus or train for the same amount of time — and when it comes to private planes, all that pollution is the fault of just a few wasteful people.

“I wouldn’t care how wealthy a person is if they took care of the environment,” said one commenter. “Those planes do not fit into that category.”

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  1. Typical of those who can’t afford and hide their jealosy behind environmental issues. The world recovers fine when man isn’t around. Go look at the thriving nature around Chernobyl in spite of the disaster that man created. Now because man can’t go in and animals can including natures growth it’s still resilient.

    Put these damn environmentalist unhinged mental cases on a big island. They can live like cave men since they want to take everything back to the stone ages. Eat your bugs, live off the land be the nuts you long to be but quit bringing us into your psychosis that has been debunked!
    I have lived sixty years without you people and will until my dying day and WILL drive gasoline cars so F off!

  2. The man is entitled to spend the money people has been paying him for acting in any way he sees fit.
    (personally I think actors at that level get paid way too much) . The man likes to pilot his own planes

    If we go around looking to complain, let us also look at the many billionaires, hedge fund managers , vulture capitalists, making money by destroying regular folks jobs and lives…….you know, the ones that normally contribute to the GOP to hoodwink regular folks into voting Republican under the guise of faux patriotism and faux christianity.
    Wake Up people !!! The Robber Barons of the early XX century are back, but now they have better PR with a myriad of conservative media in their payroll.

  3. So what? HIS money, HIS land and HIS planes. If you’re jealous or envious, maybe you should have worked harder or pursued a career in a different field

  4. They look photoshopped. If he has enough money to have two planes he has enough money to have airplane hangers to protect his investments. There’s no way he only stores the nose of the plane and leaves the rest of the planes to the elements. And as for your rant about the RNC. The biggest wanker running around buying votes is George Soros, and second is Bill Gates…… both are apart of the ….. check notes…… ya I’m right…… the DNC. Your slam falls on deaf ears because the truth is blatantly apparent

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