‘Hannah Montana’ Star Arrested for Stealing Doritos

Mitchel Musso was arrested for public intoxication after his girlfriend told police the shoeless Hannah Montana star was so intoxicated, that he was incapable of summoning an Uber on his cell phone.

The shocking behavior was laid bare in an arrest complaint detailing how police were dispatched to the Springhill Suites hotel in Rockwall, Texas hotel on August 26 after Musso cracked open a $4 bag of Doritos and refused to pay for it.

A hotel worker immediately called the police as Musso bolted from the crime scene in a desperate attempt to elude capture for his cravings.

“Mr. Musso then began to be verbally loud and abusive toward (the hotel employee),” the police probable cause affidavit stated.

Musso, who famously played Oliver Oken next to Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was caught orange-handed by police at a nearby apartment complex with his gal pal Katherine Goad.

“Upon arrival, officers observed Mr. Musso standing near Ablon at Harbor Village with no shirt and shoes,” the affidavit stated. “Upon initial contact, it was observed that Mr. (Musso) had a flushed red face, red bloodshot, watery eyes, and a strong odor of metabolized alcohol emitting from his breath, with slurred speech.”

The officer also noticed Musso displayed “mood swings consistent with being intoxicated.” Musso was handcuffed after he allegedly botched a field sobriety test and refused to take a second test.

“We spoke to Mr. Musso’s girlfriend Katherine Goad who stated that before police arrival Mr. Musso attempted to order a ride share from his phone was unsuccessful due to his level of intoxication,” the affidavit stated.

“Mr. Musso phone then ran out of battery during the incident. I believe Mr. Musso was unable to care for himself due to his intoxication.”

The police affidavit comes several days after Musso went on a public relations campaign to clear his Disney Channel good name by blaming the hotel worker.

“There was no theft, and I was not intoxicated,” he told People. “It’s just been unfortunate, but it’s a big misunderstanding.”

“This disgruntled employee, whose behavior was erratic, ripped the bag of potato chips out of my hand and started yelling at me about my attire,” Musso claimed, and added that he offered to pay for the snacks. “He said, ‘Get out or I’m going to call the police.’ Ultimately, I said, ‘Sure. Call the cops.'”

Musso also explained he was shirtless and barefoot because he had just returned from surfing presumably in Lake Ray Hubbard just east of Dallas, Texas.

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  1. When will people stop drinking? Hurting others and so totally hurting yourself and the ones who care about you

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