Attacker Hits 60-Year-Old Woman in Subway for 2 Minutes in Shocking Footage (Video)

Disturbing footage shows a man hitting a 60-year old woman more than 50 times with her own cane in a Harlem subway station.

The attack happened on Friday just before 3:30 a.m. when the woman was walking at the West 116 Street and Lenox Avenue station, NYPD officials told The Post.

The shocking two-minute video showed the unidentified male lunging at the woman with an umbrella and the woman trying to fight him off with her cane. The suspect was able to grab the woman’s cane as she fell to the ground screaming.

The man then struck the woman with her own cane more than 50 times in the head, stomach, leg, arms, back and hands so hard the wooden implement fell apart.

The woman, who had been beaten onto her back by that point, managed to grab what was left of her cane away from the deranged man, who then started pummeling her head several times with his fist.

In the shocking video, the man continues to throw punches and yell at the stunned woman while his own pants start to fall down with the effort.

The woman remained motionless on the ground for a few seconds until the suspect then kicked her several more times before the video cuts off.

The NYPD responded to the 911 call of an assault at about 3:30 a.m., sources told The Post, but during the video of the beating no MTA workers, police or subway riders intervene or try to stop the beating.

NYPD sources also told The Post the 60-year old woman did not know the suspect. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is now thought to be in stable condition.

The unidentified suspect fled the scene before police arrived. It is unclear how the argument between the two began.

There were no reports of an arrest on Monday night and the investigation is ongoing, NYPD officials said.

Violent incidents on the New York subway continue to be reported, with a train operator beaten by an unhinged pipe-wielding man and another straphanger stabbed by a stranger in separate attacks over the last weekend in August.


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  1. Come on folks, that is what the citizens of NYC vote for, over and over again! That is what the weak-minded democrats think is a utopia! And you can bet your backside no one is going to intervene, because that democrat DA would make an example of the person that stops the brutal attack, you know the psycho DA Biggs! That the weak-minded democrats voted in! You people in your sanctuary city deserve everything coming your way!

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