Tourist Gored by Spanish Bull After Trying to Jump on its Back

This is the gruesome moment a tourist is repeatedly gored by a raging bull after trying to jump on its back during a bullfight.

The French national – said to be in his 50s – had leapt into the arena in Albacete, Spain, on August 24, where spectators are encouraged to test their bravery against a bull. But as he approaches the bull from the back, it wheels around and slams him against a barrier with its horns.

Then as he falls to the ground the one-tonne bull gores and tramples him before tossing him into the air. As others try to distract it with capes, it keeps attacking the by-now unconscious man, repeatedly hurling him into the air with his horns.

When the man lands face up on the arena floor, a gaping horn slash can be seen on his stomach oozing blood. The onslaught only ends when one man manages to draw the bull away with his cape just as the footage ends.

Spectators pulled the man to safety before he was rushed by ambulance to nearby Hellin Hospital. His condition is reportedly serious. The vicious goring happened during the Lietor patron saint festivities held between 23rd and 26th August. The region is notorious for its links to the bloodsport with a bullfighting school and an arena that can seat 12,000 spectators.

It comes just weeks after a Spanish bullfighter was hospitalised after being horrifically gored in the backside by the animal he was challenging before being thrust into the air like a ragdoll.

Professional matador Alejandro Conquero, 28, was said to be in a serious condition in the Rey Juan Carlos de Mostoles hospital after the bull left him with a terrible litany of injuries after the event in the Madrid area town of Cenicientos yesterday. Doctors said the damage was such that the bullfighter was likely to suffer long-term problems.

In terrifying footage of the incident, Conquero – who is draped in the traditional matador get up – taunts a rampaging white bull with a pink and yellow cape as the beast edges closer. As he gets ever nearer to the bull’s sharp horns, suddenly the behemoth strikes, tossing the 28-year-old into the air.

When he falls back to the ground on his stomach, the animal charges a second time, ploughing its horn into his rectum. Alejandro is flung into the air a second time with the bull’s horn still inside him as he plummets to the ground again.

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  1. Sometimes in life we get what we deserve. Karma comes with any and all of our choices…good or bad. Torturing an animal (imo) and getting the ultimate bad reward is a happy ending in my mind. I’m on the side of the bull – and all of God’s creatures. We are told in the Bible that we can eat any and all meat, but we can’t take joy in killing them, they need to be honored for their lives.

  2. Mess with the bull, you have to deal with the horns.
    I feel bad about the French tourist, he was not trying to hurt the bull. About the matador, well, that is different, a horn up his a-s is a sweet revenge for all the bulls unnecessarily tortured and killed for “people pleasures”?. I hope they gave the bull the Matador’s ears.
    It says a lot about a country, when they take pleasure in killing animals. Bull Fighting with death at the end (there are Corridas where the bull is not killed and just a show of skills:) dog and cock fighting and trophy hunting are barbaric.
    I was taught from childhood if you kill an animal it is for sustenance and it should be done quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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