Actor Kris Kristofferson Facing His ‘Final Days’

Kris Kristofferson has put his 550-acre California ranch on the market for $17.2 million, with friends saying the 87-year-old country music icon is facing his final days.

The father of eight, who is worth an estimated $50 million, and his third wife, Lisa Meyers, 66, live on Hawaii’s Maui in the town of Hana, which narrowly escaped the recent deadly wildfires, spilled a pal.

The Blade vampire killer was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013, but later, doctors concluded his memory loss and other symptoms were due to Lyme disease. Medication helped the Why Me singer, but he still retired from music in 2021.

Friends said Kristofferson’s continued to slow down in his older years.

“Kris didn’t feel he was up to touring anymore,” one pal revealed. “Now, he just wants to make things easier for his family by turning his holdings into cash that will go to them when he’s gone.”

Years ago, Kristofferson and some of his closest pals opened up about his health struggles and misdiagnosis.

The A Star is Born actor struggled with memory issues, which he was told stemmed from Alzheimer’s disease. However, he later learned that his symptoms were caused by a tick-borne illness.

Lyme disease sometimes mimics Alzheimer’s with dementia-like symptoms, as reported by Closer Weekly.

“For the past six or seven years, there was this slow realization that he was becoming forgetful. It was apparent,” one of his pals stated years ago.

However, once doctors ruled out Alzheimer’s, everything changed.

“Kris is as sharp as he’s been in the past 20 years because of his treatments,” another friend told Closer in 2016. “His wife, Lisa, and his eight children see a different Kris now. It really is a modern-day medical miracle.”

His wife also addressed his health, telling Rolling Stone that his debilitating memory loss was due to being hit in the head repeatedly while playing sports like boxing, football, and rugby when he was younger.

According to the outlet, his memory issues got so bad that “some days, Kristofferson couldn’t even remember what he was doing from one moment to the next.”

“He was taking all these medications for things he doesn’t have, and they all have side effects,” Lisa said.

She also pinpointed the exact timeframe she believed the star contracted the infection.

She told Rolling Stone that Kristofferson most likely got it from a tick while crawling in the Vermont forest while filming the 2006 film Disappearances.

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