Tucker Carlson is ‘Dead Man Walking’ Putin Ally Warns

A prominent Russian propagandist has claimed that former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is a “dead man walking” for saying that the U.S. and Russia will go to war with one another in the next year.

The Rossiya-1 talk show host Vladimir Solovyov justified his own prophecy of an armed conflict between the two nations by referring to Carlson’s earlier comments, before implying that Carlson would be assassinated for telling the supposed truth.

He cited the presumed desire of the now-podcast host on X, formerly Twitter, to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, as something that “they will not forgive him for.”

Carlson has often been accused of repeating Russian talking points, shortly after the invasion of Ukraine began last year. He questioned whether the perception that Putin—whose war has since cost the lives of an estimated 350,000 people—was justifiably the subject of hatred.

In July, he was criticized by a U.S.-based Orthodox Christian group for “spout[ing] Russian propaganda” about unfounded claims of the persecution of Christians in Ukraine.

Earlier in August, Carlson interviewed a former Pentagon official, who claimed Kyiv’s casualties were far higher than believed and that Ukraine was not winning the war, despite the fact that after 18 months of fighting, Russian forces control none of Ukraine’s major cities and have had to mobilize hundreds of thousands of reservists.

During a televised discussion on Thursday, Solovyov aired clips from a recent interview of Carlson with podcaster Adam Carolla, in which the former Fox News presenter predicted a “hot war between the U.S. and Russia in the next year,” which Carlson added he thought was a war America would likely not win.

According to a translation by the Daily Beast‘s Russia Media Monitor unit, Solovyov then says: “Who says that? A dead man walking.

“He sincerely believes that the next step after the accusations and the declaration of impeachment will be an assassination of Trump. But this man, who is currently the most popular English-speaking journalist, signed his own death warrant.”

It is unclear who Solovyov thought would be willing to assassinate Carlson. In Carlson’s interview with Carolla, he argued that both Democrats and Republicans were spoiling for a war with Russia.

Later in the discussion, Solovyov said that “they will not forgive him for the fact that he strives to interview our president and post the footage on a platform that has no censorship,” a reference to X under Elon Musk’s ownership.

According to top Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan, Carlson has requested to interview Putin.

The editor-in-chief of the Russian state media organization RT said in April: “Tucker is doing a great job. By the way, he’s really asking for an interview with Vladimir Putin. It would be great if someone hears this and gets this message to the president.” Carlson has not publicly confirmed such a request.

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  1. Failed evil Hitlerite/Communist/criminal/traitor/liar Jokementia Bribery thought he would be more popular as a Popular Semi-War-President by supporting unneeded war in Ukraine… now he wants to become an even more Popular-Full-War-President with full direct War between USA and Russia! He heard War Presidents are always POPULAR!
    Carlson knows the current War is between Roman Catholic Jokementia/Ukraine/Europe vs Eastern Orthodox Catholic Putin/Russia/Serbia !!!
    Those two groups of evil religics have been enjoying mass murdering each other ever since that split in the Catholic Church happened 900 YEARS AGO !!!
    Also, Intelligent People know the false indictments of Good Trump are biggest Democrat evil immoral GASLIGHTING since their evil immoral false +Tonkin Gulf Incident+ gaslighting that got 58,000 innocent good U.S. Troops plus troops from other Allied countries needlessly killed in Democrat EvilJFK’s unneeded immoral War on Vietnam !!!
    More Democrat gaslighting was the shutdown of Trump’s Greatest Economy in History over a fake Covid Plandemic!

    1. Trump left us with 15%+ unemployment, spread billions in tax breaks to his wealthy peers and the very fraudulent PPP (largest ever increase in the National Deficit) and well over 800K died because of a very mismanaged epidemic. During the Moron liar administration of Trump, we walked away from the deal that kept Iran with no nuclear weapons, we abandoned our allies, the Kurds to the Turks and Russians and left billions in assets behind for the ruskies to benefit…..Yep….great economy indeed (sarcasm, in case you are too dim to notice)
      Our involvement in Vietnam started during the Eisenhower administration, (Not a Democrat)
      Does it feel good to you to be so clueless OR do you think lying is the new conservative ‘quality”?

  2. Seriously folks who assassinates people in the United States? The deep state alphabet soup agencies do it all the time, and always without accountability! It is called suicide 💯 percent of the time! More witnesses against the criminal government have died in the last decade than in any other third world country! The truth and freedom of speech is absolutely not allowed in our nation, why do you think Trump has been indicted four times in the last five months, you are not allowing to talk about the fraudulent elections! But our government propagandists are allowed to gaslight the citizens none stop!!!

  3. Nothing will please me more that have Tucker meet the end he deserves for his lying, racist and treasonous ways…..BUT , we do not sponsor the Putin, fascist ways.
    On the other hand, if somebody decides to end him, I will be happy to contribute to their legal fund.

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