Terrifying Footage of Star’s Murder Released (Video)

Bombshell new evidence in the murder trial of the man charged with killing Drew Carey’s former fiancée Amie Harwick.

Prosecutors say that the Hollywood sex therapist was murdered by her previous boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, a software engineer who they allege stalked Harwick and then killed her in a violent attack.

“He was obsessed with her. She rejected his advances, not only that she cut off all contact,” prosecutors said in a Los Angeles courtroom this week. “And to punish her for that, he broke into her house on Valentine’s Day.”

They also revealed Ring cam footage in court that they say shows Pursehouse arriving at Harwick’s home on Valentine’s Day 2022 and attempting to cover the camera lens to hide his identity several times.

Prosecutors say that four hours after Pursehouse is seen entering the home, the Ring cam shows him fleeing after he allegedly pushed Harwick off her third-story balcony.

Prosecutors allege that Pursehouse lied in wait for hours at Harwick’s home, waiting for her to return from a night out with friends.

He then allegedly strangled Harwick and injected her with a deadly dose of nicotine, say prosecutors, who noted that pure nicotine can be lethal.

Prosecutors also say that a syringe found in Harwick’s home is similar to a syringe found in the home of her accused murderer.

Prosecutors allege that Pursehouse then tossed Harwick’s body over the balcony after her roommate woke up and screamed out from her room to leave Harwick alone.

There is also Ring cam footage showing Harwick’s roommate frantically banging on neighbors’ doors for help after calling 911.

The roommate said on that 911 call: “I heard her screaming … I know she’s being attacked …I heard her get thrown to the ground.”

Photos show Pursehouse with scratches and bruising after his arrest.

The defense argues that while Pursehoue did break into Harwick’s home that night, he only did so in hopes that he could talk to his ex.

“The evidence will show that he never intended on killing her,” Pursehouse’s attorney said in court.

The defense also introduced a photo of Harwick posing on her balcony, and claimed that it showed that she was comfortable on the outdoor terrace and may have simply just fallen off to her death.


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  1. no red flags for criminals in gov’t., demon-rats at large or their friends in BIG tech, that do crazy things? com on man! are you a junkie?

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