‘Roseanne’ Star Sandra Bernhard Accused of Stealing from Charities and Cheating Venues Out of Money

Actress Sandra Bernhard was accused of stealing from charities and inflating her fees in a $250k lawsuit filed by her former manager.

The actress is best known for playing Nancy Bartlett for six seasons of Roseanne Barr’s hit sitcom, Roseanne.

Bernhard’s ex-manager accused her of using “phony invoices” to inflate her booking fees and claimed the actress cheated venues out of merchandise sales revenue at her live performances, according to the Daily Mail.

“In dozens of instances, maybe hundreds, Miss Bernhard coerced me into sending phony invoices from her to charity organizations, LGBT charity organizations, television shows, documentary filmmakers etc… who wanted to interview her,” Sliman claimed in court documents.

“Whether or not she was already being paid a fee, she would insist I get them to also cover costs of her hair and make-up people,” the ex-manager continued. “When they agreed, she would tell me to say it cost $1,000 when it was really only $2-300.”

Sliman added that he would “send the invoices” and his client “would pocket the money” in an act he claimed “became a small way she could supplement her income.”

“This from a woman who everyone knows is a multi-millionaire.”

Sliman additionally claimed he was wrongfully terminated by Bernhard in July after the actress “could not admit that her live shows were now selling poorly and her asking fees were too high.”

“She has various ways of trying not to pay venues 20 percent of her merchandise sales, which is standard,” Sliman said in court documents. “She would simply refuse to pay it, or tell them they could only have 10 percent or just lie about how much she sold.”

Sliman explained the method “was very easy for her” because of venues being “cash only.” The manager further alleged that the actress “would tell me she never reported that money to her accountants.”

He also told the outlet that Bernhard used him as a shoulder to cry on over the course of their extensive working relationship. Sliman claimed the star “started asking more and more of me” and “took extreme advantage of our business relationship and used me to do the work of up to four people.”

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