Meghan Markle Makes ‘Careless Statement’ on Marriage

Earlier this month Meghan Markle was snapped without her diamond engagement ring, the one that Prince Harry gave to the then-actress when the couple became engaged six years ago.

But now it has emerged that it wasn’t the first time she ditched the sparkler, with Harry supposedly “uneasy” at her barren ring finger.

Meghan is said to have stepped out without her £156K engagement ring on numerous occasions over the past few months amid circling divorce and split rumors after the couple parted ways with Spotify before being snubbed at the Emmys. Reports say that she didn’t wear the ring in March, May, and August, with only her wedding ring being worn on her ring finger.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, a royal source has said that Prince Harry should feel “uneasy” as Meghan flaunts her barren wedding ring finger without the presence of her dazzling engagement ring. The source even said that the Duchess of Sussex “knows exactly what she’s doing”, with there being “a million ways she could avoid showing off the hand when out and about”.

The source added that instead of not flaunting her hand, she’s instead been “plopping it right in front of the camera for the world to see. It’s nothing short of brazen and completely careless”.

They added that she knows that by ditching her engagement ring and putting it on show will start rumors galore regarding the state of her and Harry’s marriage.

The source then touched on how Harry will be meeting his father, King Charles III, when he returns to England next month for the WellChild awards before jetting off to Germany for the Invictus Games, with them adding this signifies that the Duke has “one foot out the door”.

They then concluded with: “The one thing Harry’s terrified of is a California divorce – and seeing his wife fragrantly flaunt her barren wedding finger should make him very uneasy.” But despite split rumours and Meghan’s missing engagement ring, there seems to be a very innocent explanation.

Earlier this month, in a snap shared by some of Meghan’s pals to celebrate her birthday, the Duchess of Sussex could be seen without her £156k engagement ring while posing with her friends.

While dining with her pals Kadi Lee and Cleo Wade, the Duchess’ sparkly ring was noticeably replaced with a simple and understated gold band, with this apparently done for one important reason. Speaking to Page Six, a source claimed the ring was “being fixed”, hence the fact that it was missing from her ring finger.

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  1. She won’t get much and will lose her title in a divorce…plus the kids are property of the Crown and she won’t have custody of them either. But then again, the trash will be taken out and Harry can go to Africa where he once said he was happy at.

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