Singer Yuliana Perea Dies After Liposuction Surgery

Peruvian singer Yuliana Perea died due to apparent complications from a liposuction procedure — in what the family is dubbing a case of criminal medical negligence.

She was 38 years old.

The star’s mom, Purita Torres, confirmed her daughter’s passing in a statement to local media.

“My husband [called to say] that our little girl died,” said Torres through tears, adding that she, her husband and Perea’s daughters were all unaware of the operation.

The performer, a member of the group Electro Ritmo and known for her spirited vocals and charisma, had reportedly gone to a clinic in Loreto on Aug. 22 to undergo cosmetic surgery, the Mirror reported.

Disaster struck after Perea suffered from cardiac arrest while under anesthesia.

The artist was rushed to the emergency room at a nearby hospital but died shortly thereafter.

An autopsy later revealed that Perea died of acute bilateral pulmonary edema.

While not aware of the procedure at the time, the family is now calling for justice.

“She was always afraid that those things would go wrong,” lamented Torres. “I want that doctor to rot in jail.”

The family has since filed a complaint against the presiding surgeon, John Casado del Castillo, accusing him of criminal negligence and of failing to properly monitor and provide adequate care to his patient, according to Mundonow.

The doctor was reportedly arrested under suspicion of manslaughter but has since been released, according to the Mirror.

Along with being a star musician, Perea was also an obstetrician and the regional dean of the College of Obstetricians of Loreto.

The institution recently mourned the fallen star on Facebook.

“We regret the sensitive death of our member of the Obstetrician order Yuliana Perea Torres,” they wrote. “The National Dean of the College of Obstetricians of Peru, Obstetrician Mimi Lily Rojas Silva, and the Board of Directors express their heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers. Rest in peace, dear Yuliana.”

Perea is buried at the General San Miguel Arcangel Cemetery in Iquitos.

She is survived by two children, ages 19 and 8.

“I want that doctor to rot in jail,” said her bereaved mother, Purita Torres, who was unaware her daughter was undergoing the procedure.

Perea is not the first to die following an allegedly botched liposuction procedure.

In March, a Venezuelan mother tragically passed away after suffering respiratory issues following a laser-based fat-trimming operation she received at a mall.

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