Dick Van Dyke, 97, ‘Blowing’ Through His Fortune?

Aging Dick Van Dyke is allegedly blowing his dough on friends and family while he still has time.

“He’s opened up his bank account in the last couple of years,” shared an insider, who snitched the 97-year-old Mary Poppins star once was a notorious penny-pincher.

The senior song and dance man, who’s been happily married to much younger wife Arlene, 51, for more than a decade, has four kids from his 36-year marriage to his first wife, Margie Willet, who died in 1984. He also has eight grandkids and eight great-grandkids — and sources say he’s spreading his estimated $50 million worth among all of them.

“All it takes is for them to say they want ANYTHING, and it’s theirs,” a source told The National Enquirer. And family members aren’t the only ones benefiting from his geriatric generosity.

Last year, he was spotted handing out cash to the homeless near his Malibu home.

“He’s got more than enough money and he’d rather share it while he’s alive,” the insider added.

Earlier this year, the star had a health scare when he was involved in a car accident. The legendary actor suffered minor injuries when his vehicle collided with a gate in March.

A spokesperson for the Malibu Police Department confirmed that Van Dyke was involved in a single-car accident on the morning of March 15. When cops arrived at the scene, they discovered the actor “bleeding from the nose and mouth” after his 2018 Lexus plowed into a gate when it slipped on the rain-soaked road.

Sources spilled that his younger wife took action by taking his car keys — a move that has caused friction between the couple.

“Dick’s gotten to the point where he needs to be taken off the road — for his own safety and the safety of others,” an insider shared in May. “Arlene is terrified if she doesn’t take the keys away now, it may be too late!”

His old age hasn’t stopped Van Dyke from plugging away on his career. Sources say the actor has ignored his loved ones’ warnings about slowing down in his elderly years.

Van Dyke is “determined to maintain his independence,” snitched the source, who also claimed the actor is allegedly saying that “everyone needs to butt out and leave him to enjoy the time he has left however he wants.”

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  1. You cannot take it with you and it is his money.
    Money give you the power to do good deeds and give pleasure to others (which in itself is also a pleasure for yourself) so better spend it instead of let it go to lawyers and taxes after your death.

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