Musician’s Promo Stunt Grosses Fans Out

Miguel can definitely hang.

The 37-year-old “Adorn” singer has gone viral over a bizarre, mid-air stunt involving a harness attached directly to his skin — all to promote the R&B artist’s upcoming album, “Viscera.”

Fans were left chattering on social media after video of the the extreme trapeze event, performed for a Left Coast audience, made the rounds on social media.

Crew members attached two ropes to the singer-songwriter’s newly penetrated skin, raising him into the air.

The artist makes his ascent.

The Post has contacted reps for Miguel for comment.

Fans on X had strong reactions to seeing the footage — almost all of which questioned the singer’s marketing strategy.

“Miguel is one of my top R&B artists, and I can assure you he has no songs in his catalog that involve him hanging like a rotisserie chicken,” one person snarked.

Miguel shares bloody T-shirt photo after performing while suspended from ropes pierced through his skin
Miguel shared a photo of the bloodstained white tank top he wore for the performance.

“How does that not tear out his skin omg??” another cautiously wondered.

A third chimed in, “That is so extreme and crazy. Does he know that there’s harnesses and stuff that’ll do the SAME exact job? Like my back hurts just from looking at this …”

“Viscera” does not yet have a release date. Miguel released his last album “War & Leisure” in 2017. He released two singles this year, “Give It to Me” and “Number 9.”

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  1. If he was trying to do a sun dance, he was doing it wrong. In the Native American Sioux Sun Dance, a man’s chest skin attached, with sinew, to a pole.

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