Bob Barker’s Twisted Double Life and Torrid Love Affair with Co-Star

As the country still processes the passing of 99-year-old former game show host Bob Barker, the TV icon’s questionable past has resurfaced.

The Price is Right model Dian Parkinson claimed for years that the white-haired host “put her through hell” by allegedly forcing her into sex acts.

A friend of the former game show model told the National Enquirer, “She said, ‘I sacrificed my body to keep my job. I was Bob Barker’s sex slave — and there was nothing I could do about it.'”

Parkinson claimed the at-the-time 70-year-old TV star threatened to have her fired from her job unless she submitted to his sexual demands.

“She told me, ‘Bob laid it on the line — he said that if I wanted to keep my job on the show, I’d have to give him what he wanted,'” the close friend told the outlet.

“Dian said he’d call her into his dressing room for sex between shows. She told me he mostly wanted oral sex and she gave in to Bob to protect her job.”

“She told me, ‘Bob Barker made my life a nightmare,” the insider continued. “Dian said Barker always called himself ‘Daddy’ and called his dressing room ‘Daddy’s Room.’ She told me that for more than three years, he forced her to have sex against her will.”

“After he had his way with her, he’d dismiss her and take a nap. Dian once told me: ‘I feel like a sex toy, something for him to play with and throw away when he’s finished.'”

Dian claimed Barker’s sexual abuse left her with a bleeding ulcer, and she quit to save her life in June 1993. “I told everyone I left to pursue other avenues of my career,” she told the friend. “But my doctors told me it was the show and possible death — or quit … The only answer was to get away from that monster Bob Barker.”

Barker also told the Enquirer, “I didn’t force Dian Parkinson to have sex. She aggressively pursued ME — and told other people on the set she was going to be the next Mrs. Bob Barker!”

The game show host told reporters that she had demanded a hefty $8 million payoff, then threatened to take him to court after he refused to pay.

“Dian is a user out for financial reward,” fumed the game show host at the time, who admitted to having an affair with her after his wife’s passing.

“Dian flirted with me for years. A long list of people will testify that she was very affectionate with me on the set,” Barker told the outlet. “She’s come into my dressing room wearing only a robe, and she’d be all over me — sitting on my lap and running her fingers through my hair.”

“My make-up artist and hairdresser would have to ask her to stop so they could do their jobs!”

Parkinson filed an $8 million lawsuit against Barker and show producers for sexual harassment in 1994, but she was forced to drop the suit in April 1995 due to legal costs.

Barker eventually retired from hosting duties on The Price is Right in 2007 and was replaced by TV actor and comedian Drew Carey.

As previously reported, the former host died at 99 years old in his Los Angeles home on Saturday, August 27, 2023, due to natural causes.

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  1. Look at her, then look at him. What would she want with an old coot like that? He made her do it somehow.

    1. No job and no amount of money should make a woman suck d**k against her will. She made all of this up to save what integrity she had left.

  2. You never know what you’ll do if you have never been in that position. It’s still his word against yours. I’d want money too, I’d quit well before, but I don’t blame her for what she did. She’s the victim and he’s the creep. I always thought he was too creepy.

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