Woman Threatens to Shoot Barron Trump, 17, and Stalks ‘First Son’ at School

A former Chicago social studies teacher who was arrested for threatening to shoot former President Donald Trump and his son Barron “straight in the face” was allegedly also stalking the 17-year-old at his Florida high school.

Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, traveled to West Palm Beach in March and started asking questions about the former first son outside the elite Oxbridge Academy, police records obtained by the Chicago Tribune show.

A security guard who spotted her at the school called 911 on March 7, telling police officers she was a “known stalker of a high-profile student.”

But when deputies arrived on the scene, Fiorenza claimed she was just trying to speak to the school’s headmaster because she had “conducted her own investigation” into whether Barron Trump was at the school.

The teacher was ultimately let off with a warning and was asked to leave the school premises.

Just a few hours later, though, Secret Service agents found her at a nearby gas station and drove her back to her hotel.Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, allegedly stalked former first son Barron Trump, 17.Facebook / Tracy Fiorenza

She had previously harassed people at Oxbridge Academy, making several calls in October claiming that school officials “were not following protocol,” authorities noted.

By May, Fiorenza emailed the school’s headmaster saying, “I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity I get!”

She followed that up with a second email on June 5 saying she would “slam a bullet” into Barron’s head “with his father IN SELF DEFENSE [sic],” according to an affidavit submitted by a US Secret Service agent.Police records show Fiorenza showed up at the teen’s school and started asking questions about him.GC Images

The US Secret Service contacted Fiorenza later that month to arrange a meeting at its Chicago field office, and when Fiorenza was presented with the emails, she admitted to having sent them from her home in Plainfield, Ill., the complaint said. 

An ensuing investigation found that Fiorenza had been trying to “reach people who worked in the White House” under Trump beginning in 2018, and other correspondences to government officials and celebrities claimed she was being attacked by “bad actors,” prosecutors allege.

She also allegedly claimed that Donald Trump is the leader of a pedophile ring and that the federal government followed her former students in Chicago and used “remote sexual stimulation on them.”In an email to the school’s headmaster in June, Fiorenza threatened to shoot Trump and his son in the face.REUTERS

Indeed, her public Facebook profile features several anti-Trump posts and conspiracy theories about elite pedophile rings in Hollywood.

Some also show Trump being hanged from a tree.

“The threats here are extremely violent in nature,” federal prosecutor Adam Rosenbloom said at a court hearing on Wednesday as he argued she be held without bond.

He acknowledged mental health issues may be at play, but said the community may not be safe if she were let out on bond.Fiorenza was removed from the premises of the Oxbridge Academy, but Secret Service agents found her nearby just a few hours later.Google Maps

Rosenbloom argued her previous encounters at the school showed “these are not idle threats from behind a keyboard.”

But Fiorenza interjected, doubling down on her claim that the school was not following protocol.

“I have been contacting the school for years, trying to get them to follow mandated reporting protocol,” she said. “People are not trained in the technology involved… I was going to pass out flyers to parents warning them before school started because no one was listening to me.”

It is unclear what protocol she believes the $38,500-a-year school may have been violating.Fiorenza claimed in court on Wednesday Barron Trump’s school was violating protocol.Facebook / Tracy Fiorenza

Her court-appointed attorney also argued, “There is nothing suggesting she is actually an aggressive person.”

He added that Fiorenza said “psychotronic weapons are communicating directly into her head, and she’s just trying to stop it.”

“She would never actually get close to Barron Trump because she’s afraid of him,” the attorney argued. “This is all a little wacky but it doesn’t say that she’s a danger.”

A federal judge ultimately ordered that Fiorenza remain in custody in Illinois pending transfer to the Southern District of Florida.

She is charged with transmitting threats to kill or injure another person in interstate commerce, a rap that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. 

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  1. Take the C-unt out! I doubt anyone would m8ss the POS lefty. These freaks need to either be put in mental asylums and 5hrow away the key or taken out for good. Enough of the BS in this country. If this administration can’t manage to do their jobs evidently citizens will have to and there are plenty of garbage lefta in Chicago that run amok and overcrun this entire city and state. It never changes either. They keep voting these damn democrats back in and each time it gets worse. Clearly this city has not just ignorant but really stupid people.

  2. This is just another double standard. If this was a white conservative threatening Obama or Biden’s children, they’d be screaming for blood and the media would have it on their news channels 24 hours a day. But you can bet your bottom dollar that since this is a left wing maggot threatening a conservative politician and his family, this will all be swept under the rug and if something does happen to either President Trump or his son by this evil witch, they’ll make excuses for her trying to blame conservatives for her insanity.

  3. I see why she is an ex-teacher. She has some rocks missing. What does Baron have to do with her hate for others??

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