Firefighters Rescue Construction Worker Impaled on Rebar (Video)

A construction worker suffered a serious accident when he fell onto standing rebar in Miami, prompting a swift response from Miami Fire Rescue.

The incident occurred just after 1 p.m. at 77 SE 5 Street. in Miami, FL.

Upon arrival, emergency crews found the worker impaled by the rebar.

Paramedics were able to treat and stabilize the injured worker, while rescue specialists strategically employed a harness to secure him.

Using cutting-edge tools, the team successfully freed the worker from the rebar, which had penetrated his lower body and traversed his torso.

Firefighters and an on-site crane operator were able to lower the patient using both the crane and a stokes basket.

The patient, who is in stable condition, was transferred onto a stretcher and transported to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center.

He is definitely lucky to have survived such an accident.

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