Damning Evidence That Reveals Michael Jackson’s Secret Life

A catalog of evidence allegedly found in Michael Jackson’s possession, listed for the first time, once again raises questions about the singer’s obsession with young boys.

In the wake of an appeals court in California reviving lawsuits from two men, who allege the late singer-songwriter sexually abused them for years when they were boys, the litany of damning items includes books with pictures of naked young boys, a photograph taken in Jackson’s bedroom of a naked boy wrapped in a sheet, bloodied linen and reels of videotape of the star frolicking with youngsters.

Worryingly, Jackson’s maid from 1990 to 1994, Adrian McManus, also reported that she would find little boy’s underwear on the floor next to the singer’s, or in the jacuzzi, and that the singer also kept suspicious amounts of Vaseline cached around his Neverland home.

Details of all the incriminating material were published in the book, Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation into the Michael Jackson Cover-Up, by author Dylan Howard. 

The dramatic Jackson biography, first published in 2020, is said to be based on a meticulous library of source material including interviews, Jackson’s own fascinating personal journal, input from family members, first-person accounts, thousands of pages of court documents and confidential notes from Jackson’s private investigator’s files and case notes. 

Howard’s scrupulous investigation provides one of the most authoritative accounts ever published of the star’s complex life and personality.

The book documents how, in November 2003, cops from Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department raided Neverland after allegations that the star had abused children. 

They confiscated computers, photographs, secret videotapes (some which contained S&M material), pornographic magazines and medications. Jackson was charged with a nine-count felony complaint the following month. 

He was later found innocent of all charges, but the allegations dogged him for the rest of his life.

In his investigations, Howard uncovered disturbing details of the evidence stash, other material, and dark rumors that there is more to be uncovered.

He explained: “According to the official police inventory, a multitude of books found in the residence contained photos of children and young adults in varying stages of undress. Authorities believed material like that could have been used by Michael to desensitize kids.”

Police also reportedly seized a Disneyland bag that contained children’s clothes and bloodied linen.

Cops confirmed that an evidence list contained some official evidentiary photos but said some material came from ‘unknown sources.’

In the book, Howard suggests the ‘unknown source’ could have been Jackson’s own private eye, disgraced private eye Anthony Pellicano, who was recently released from prison. 

He worked for the singer for over a decade and was jailed for 15 years for wiretapping, racketeering, identity theft and destroying evidence.

Howard reveals that one tactic Pellicano used during the 1993 scandal when Jackson was accused of molesting Jordan Chandler was to flood the media with material so ‘when the trial comes out there is nothing left to talk about’.

And Pellicano alluded to an even darker side of the star, claiming he had found evidence that the singer ‘did something far worse to young boys than molest them’.

The truth may never be known however, and Pellicano has never substantially commented on Jackson.

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  1. Superstardom’s brightness can be blinding—especially when it becomes legendary. While many fans of a scandalized big celebrity seem content to indefinitely remain in denial, many others will shrug and continue consuming the celebrity’s product. Nowadays, some fans will even make anonymous threats, often via social media, to scare off potential threats to the star’s reputation.

    Michael Jackson fans got/get seriously, even maliciously, upset when his questionable history of having young boy sleepovers at his Neverland Ranch got/gets raised.

    There were the enormous organized vicious attacks via various media on anyone, including big TV producers, who dare suggest the legendary pop-music artist may have had pedophilic tendencies. He simply was — and still is — that great and loved.

    As a pre-broadcast-era artist example, many people to this day have great difficulty accepting, or perhaps even caring, that acclaimed author Lewis Carroll [penname of Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] — writer of the Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass children’s novels — enjoyed having little girls pose nude for his camera. He, too, was/is just that great and greatly loved.

    A few years ago, I asked four peers whether they were aware of this rather unorthodox photography hobby enjoyed by Carroll. All four had no idea.

    One, though, became agitatedly apologetic and diversionary in her defense of the author: “So what? Woody Allen had sex with his [adopted] daughter!” Another peer replied similarly.

    Astounded, I felt sure they would not be so dismissive had they viewed just a few of the many shots of unnaturally seductive poses involving small child subjects. The ones I saw left me disgusted.

    Still, superstardom’s brightness can be blinding—especially when it becomes legendary.

  2. I think most everybody knows Jackson was a homosexual pedophile. His money offered him some protection. If he hadn’t died, I bet he would be convicted & in prison by now.

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