‘Jeopardy!’ Mayim Bialik Shocks Fans with Hospital Posts

Mayim Bialik, host of Jeopardy!, took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a very candid and concerning update with her 4.9M followers.

The post included photos revealing that The Big Bang Theory actress had landed in the hospital. She shared a video explaining what was going on. And, she shared two photos of her in a hospital bed. In both photos, the Call Me Kat star appeared to have a concerned and forced smile on her face.

Was something wrong with Mayim Bialik? Why was she in the hospital? Keep reading for the details.

At 47 years old, Mayim Bialik admits she’s coming to terms with the fact that there are certain aspects of getting old that is not fun. She, however, decided to get candid with her 4.9M followers with the hopes of shattering a stigma.

Kicking off her video, the Blossom star immediately told her followers she was fine and everything was alright. Fortunately, she was just in the hospital to get a routine procedure. She proceeded to bluntly reveal she was getting a colonoscopy. And, she knew it was a routine procedure that made a lot of people uncomfortable to think about or talk about.

“Let’s remove the stigma of routine things that we really should not have problems as a society talking about – ignoring things doesn’t make them go away! Also let’s not be Puritanical about colonoscopies. It’s a thing.”

Her post continued: “Please don’t put off taking care of your body. It’s connected with your mind and your mental and emotional well-being. Be proactive.”

She Updated Fans After The Procedure

Roughly 30 minutes ago, the Jeopardy! host took to Instagram again. She had another update to share with fans. Mayim Bialik wanted her followers to know she was back home. And, she survived the procedure. The TV personality admitted she understood how difficult and complicated healthcare could be. But, she encouraged her followers to check whether they were of age to get the procedure.

Mayim Bialik added that there were certain tests doctors could do to determine if a colonoscopy was even necessary. But, for people who have certain forms of cancer in their family tree, getting a colonoscopy is super important.

The Jeopardy! host promised she would share some tips on the prep process for the procedure which is the part most people fear. She, however, got a lot of helpful tips from other people. And, the prep ended up not being a horrible experience for her. So, Mayim Bialik hopes to bestow the tips she received with other people.

Are you believed to know Mayim Bialik was not in the hospital for anything serious? Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Share your thoughts on her updates and keep coming back for more TV news.

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  1. …you want to know how life shifts and changes? Alex Trebek would have never had to show us shots of Doctors getting ready to inspect his anus. Trebek had class and style….informing us of his health issues, but not seeking attention, adulation or sympathy. This gypsy actress has to show “her people” that she is getting ready to have a camera shoved up her butt. How sad….that she needs attention that badly. And how sick is it that whomever wrote this piece of tripe used the idea that she had been hospitalized just to get us to click on their page. What prostitutes.

  2. Thank goodness Mayim Bialik reminded people to have this procedure!! I’ve done it three times. Never a problem, but a great weight off my mind. The more often well-known people speak out about the necessity of these sorts of procedures, the better! Thanks!

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