Actress Tori Spelling Hospitalized Amid Divorce

The troubles keep piling up for Tori Spelling — but this time, it’s her health at risk — as she’s been hospitalized in the wake of her split with Dean McDermott.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum took to her Instagram Stories Sunday to reveal that she’s been hospitalized for four days. While she did not say what illness she was battling, Spelling did give a shoutout to her children, who she called “strong” and “brave” amid her absence.

“4th day here and I’m missing my kiddos so much …,” Spelling wrote over a photo of her hand, which saw the actress receive IV fluids.

“Grateful and so proud of my strong, brave, resilient, and kind to the core children who remain positive no matter what comes our way,” she added.

Per the hospital bracelet on Spelling’s arm, the 50-year-old was admitted for care on Thursday, August 17.

The hospitalization comes amid a myriad of financial and health concerns for the actress and her family. It was recently revealed that Spelling and her five children were forced to live in an RV.

Earlier this month, a source told ET that Tori — the daughter of Candy Spelling and late TV producer Aaron Spelling — “has been struggling monetarily speaking” and was forced out of her home due to mold issues. The source also said that it’s been “difficult for her to find a place to stay” because “her financial situation is not great.”

“Tori is doing her best to make things work and take care of her kids,” the source also said of Spelling — who shares Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6, whom with ex, Dean McDermott.

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Of course, things have been seemingly tough for Tori and family over the last few months, but there was serious concern only a couple weeks ago when Tori and kids were spotted outside an RV, with speculation they were living in the mobile home.

While it seemed only temporary, many speculated why Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling, who is super rich hadn’t come to her daughter’s aid. We spoke to Candy back in July who said she was willing to help … but unclear if Tori ever reached out or if Candy came through.

Spelling was forced to leave her rental home in May due to a mold infestation, which saw two of her children in urgent care.

Calling the home a health hazard, Spelling said at the time that she was working to move her family of seven to another location after vacating the property.

Prior to that daughter Stella was diagnosed with in January after both Liam and Beau were hospitalized for other illnesses that same month. Spelling herself was hospitalized after experiencing bouts of dizziness and trouble breathing before the holidays.

It’s possible her health issues could still be stemming from the mold problem … though she hasn’t clarified anything.

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