Celine Dion ‘Likely to Never Sing in Public Again’

Crippling stiff-person syndrome has left tormented Celine Dion a prisoner in her own body — and sources alleged she’s likely to never sing in public again.

The 55-year-old My Heart Will Go On songbird is now so debilitated she hates to leave the house even briefly and has no plans to reinstate the 2023 and 2024 tour dates she canceled in May, insiders claimed.

“Celine hasn’t been photographed in public in almost 600 days — and with good reason,” an insider noted to The National Enquirer. “She has trouble walking and is at the mercy of loud noises that trigger spasms, which make her susceptible to failing. Her back has become hunched and her muscle spasms are, at times, unbearable.”

Sadly, the insider also claimed that the five-time Grammy winner’s condition is getting worse. Meanwhile, the star’s sister Claudette confides that Dion is struggling to find effective meds to treat the rare autoimmune illness, which strikes only one in a million people.

Claudette said family members are “all crossing our fingers,” and their sister Linda has moved into Dion’s Las Vegas home to help care for her. But medical experts said nothing can break the disease’s stranglehold on Dion’s body and mind.

In December, Dion revealed she had been diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome. The It’s All Coming Back To Me Now singer later announced she was canceling the remaining dates for her Courage World Tour to focus on her health.

“I’m so sorry to disappoint all of you once again. I’m working really hard to build back my strength, but touring can be very difficult even when you’re 100%. It’s not fair to you to keep postponing the shows, and even though it breaks my heart, it’s best that we cancel everything now until I’m really ready to be back on stage again. I want you all to know, I’m not giving up… and I can’t wait to see you again!” she said at the time.

Insiders shared months ago that Dion is determined to overcome her debilitating disease; however, her condition is allegedly getting worse.

“She’s refusing to accept defeat,” a source shared in May, adding that the singer has been undergoing physiotherapy, eating right, and meditating.

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  1. The flu shot has been around for 30 years but there was only 1 report of Stiff Person Syndrome in 30 years. The COVID shots have been around for 2.5 years and there are 23 reports says:

    “6/17/22 – Sustained by media disinformation and fake science, the mRNA vaccine was put forth as a solution to curbing the pandemic. Amply documented, the Covid-19 Vaccine has triggered from the outset in December 2020 an upward trend in mortality and morbidity. The evidence is overwhelming.”

    “12/16/22 – Celine Dion was likely disabled from a KNOWN SIDE EFFECT of the COVID vaccine
    I estimate that the probability is 97.5% that Celine Dion got her Stiff Person Syndrome from the COVID vaccine.”

    “Celine Dion finally revealed she has stiff person syndrome, which is so rare, it’s only found in 1 in a million people. Did she just get unlucky? Nope. She got vaccinated.”

    “So this means the number of people in the US with SPS is roughly 332.”

    “So the flu shot has been around for 30 years but there was only 1 report in 30 years. The COVID shots have been around for 2.5 years and there are 23 reports.”

    “So it seems like the COVID shots have strongly elevated risk to me compared to any other vaccine we’ve ever given.”

    “Celine Dion developed SPS after COVID vaccination.
    The chances she got it from the vaccine is over 97%.”

    “Will she go to a doctor who specializes in treating the vaccine injured? Nope. It’s highly likely she was told it wasn’t the vaccine by her doctor. Which means unfortunately, she will likely never recover since in general, the sooner you are treated properly, the greater the chance of making a recovery. To get proper treatment, you need to see a doctor who understands the cause.”

    “Celine Dion could be a powerful voice to warn people not to take the vaccine if she has the courage to speak the truth.”

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