‘Today’ Fans Livid Over Al Roker’s Latest Bullying Toward Co-Host (Video)

Today fans are livid over Al Roker bullying one of his co-hosts once again. The beloved weatherman is often poking fun at his colleagues.

But now, it looks like some viewers think he took it a little bit too far. What did Al do this time? And how are fans reacting? Scroll down to see the video and see what his followers are saying.

Al Roker teases and bullies one of his co-hosts.

On Instagram this week, Al shared a new video of one of his co-hosts, Craig Melvin. As Today viewers know, it’s not uncommon for Al and Craig to take jabs at each other on the show.

So, it may not come as a surprise that Al is continuing to tease Craig.

In the new video, Craig is eating a popsicle. In his caption, Al calls him out for eating it in a strange way, even rubbing on on his lips like lip balm.

Below, you can check out the video.

In a comment, fellow Today colleague Sheinelle Jones confronted Al over the video.

She said she thought they weren’t going to post this video of Craig and just let him be. She and Al’s other followers certainly got a kick out of it though.

Today fans are livid over the video.

When Al first shared the post on his Instagram page, fans got a kick out of it. Later, Today posted the video on their own page, which is where fans expressed their disapproval.

One livid viewer said, “Al needs to stop making disparaging comments, rude remarks & bullying behavior toward Craig on a continual basis.”

Another upset fan said, “Al needs another hobby!! It must be tough to be perfect.🙄🙄🙄”

Someone else chimed in, “So tired of Al and his jabbing and insulting his co-hosts. It’s way past time for him to retire! He’s very unprofessional!”

However, others are backing Al up and pointing out that this is nothing more serious than “friendly banter.” Several pointed out that Al and Craig are good friends, so this shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

Below, you can check out Today‘s post about the ice pop situation and read the comments calling Al out for bullying Craig.

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  1. This is news! Not to mention people are actually complaining? Worse yet, I am actually responding having to call this stupidity out. There’s two minutes out of my life I won’t get back. Grow up people!

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