TV Host Accused of Sharing ‘Explicit’ Images of Star

A BBC presenter has been accused of sending “sexually explicit images” of a male reality TV star to employees of his radio and television shows, according to documents and correspondence obtained by The Irish News.

According to an internal complaint to BBC Northern Ireland in 2018, Stephen Nolan circulated two photos of Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear’s penis in a “deliberate attempt to undermine and embarrass me,” the complainant said.

In one message, Nolan reportedly wrote, “I want Bear!” and threatened to send “more bear photos” if his employees didn’t book Bear for a 2016 appearance on “Nolan Live” on BBC One.

Bear ended up on the show, where he and Nolan modeled in their underwear on live TV.

While the BBC launched a probe, The Irish News cited documents that indicated the matter was “managed internally” and “appropriate action has been taken.”

BBC Northern Ireland declined to comment. Last year, Bear was found guilty of selling revenge porn of his ex-girlfriend.

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