Ashley Judd Tries to Reboot Career Amid Trauma of Mom’s Death

More than a year after discovering her suicidal mother Naomi Judd’s bullet-torn body, depressed and tortured Ashley Judd has left her once-beloved Tennessee home to heal her broken heart, sources state.

The 55-year-old Kiss the Girls star can no longer stomach living in the house, which stands on the same property in Franklin where Naomi shot herself in the head at age 76 in April 2022.

The Olympus Has Fallen actress has put her house up for rent at $10,000 a month — which sources say was an agonizing decision.

“Ashley has been in intensive therapy ever since Naomi’s suicide, and one thing her therapist suggested to get her out of her funk was to shake up her life and start anew,” spilled a source.

As previously reported, Ashley was dealing with her mother’s self-destructive behavior and mental health issues in the days leading up to the shocking suicide.

“Ashley was with Naomi that fateful day and still wrestles with the knowledge she was unable to stop her mother from harming herself,” dished the source.

“She still blames herself!”

Last fall, Ashley said she was suffering horrifying nightmares and bouts of weeping in her sleep from flashbacks about her mother’s death.

“Trauma took up all of the space inside me,” admitted Ashley when speaking to the New York Times.

Sources said the half-sister of singer Wynonna Judd has played out the tragedy in an endless loop in her head and now believes the only way she can escape her demons is to leave that house of horrors and head back to Los Angeles to rebuild her career.

“Ashley is close to her stepfather, Larry Strickland, who still lives on the property,” revealed a source.

“She didn’t want him to think she was abandoning him, but he told her he’ll be fine, and she has to get on with her life.”

She has already begun to stitch back together her once-thriving career by completing a starring role in the upcoming thriller Lazareth and is also working to kickstart a biopic about conservative beauty queen and homophobe Anita Bryant.

“Ashley’s hoping that if she gets back to Hollywood, she can begin to start her life over, instead of reliving the end of her mom’s life again and again,” said an insider.

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