Army Veteran, 83, Makes Shocking Accusations Against Katy Perry

Lawyers for the veteran who claimed he accidentally sold his Santa Barbara mansion to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom while under the influence of painkillers revealed bombshell details of the sale in court as the parties are preparing to duke it out in trial.

According to court documents obtained by, 83-year-old Carl Westcott, founder of 1-800-Flowers, has provided a timeline of the ordeal in a new filing.

As we previously reported, in 2020, Westcott sued Perry’s business manager, Bernie Gudvi. The businessman said he signed a deal with Gudvi to sell his home in July 2020.

Wescott said he was recovering from a 6-hour back surgery and was heavily medicated. Days later, he asked to cancel the deal but Perry refused via her rep.

In the lawsuit, the businessman’s lawyer explained his client suffers from poor health from Huntington’s Disease. “Prior to the delivery of the proposed written contract, Plaintiff had not granted any real estate broker a listing to market his home sale. In contrast, the elderly Plaintiff had just recently purchased and moved into his home a mere two months earlier. When Plaintiff entered into the contract, he was under the influence of several intoxicating pain-killing opiates that his physicians instructed him to take when he was discharged from the hospital a few days earlier,” his lawyer argued.

“On July 24, 2020, Mr. Westcott received a letter from a lawyer. The letter stated, in sum and substance, that the lawyer represented not only Mr. Gudvi, but also Mr. Orlando Bloom and Ms. Katheryn Hudson (professionally known as Katy Perry) on whose behalf Mr. Gudvi had always been acting. The letter advised Mr. Westcott that his clients Mr. Bloom and Ms. Hudson are not willing to walk away from purchasing Mr. Westcott’s home and he is obligated to complete the sale,” the lawsuit explained.

The parties are headed to trial later this month.

Now, in a new filing, Westcott’s doctor provided details on how the real estate transaction went down despite the home not being for sale.

In a report, the doctor said Westcott was prescribed new medications on March 16, 2020. He purchased his pad in Santa Barbara the same month.

On July 10, 2022, Westcott underwent a spinal fusion surgery and was prescribed multiple strong painkillers. Four days later, he said “despite Mr. Westcott not having listed his home for sale, Mr. Bernie Gudvi (representing Ms. Katy Perry and Mr. Orlando Bloom) sends Mr. Westcott a written offer to purchase his home for $13,500,000. Mr. Westcott receives the offer from his real estate agent Ms. Cristal Clarke of Berkshire Hathaway Relators, whose colleague Ms. Jennifer Easter of Berkshire Hathaway Relators represents Ms. Perry and Mr. Bloom. Mr. Westcott was receiving advice from Ms. Clarke.”

The following day, Westcott countered with a purchase price of $15 million. Two days later, he flew from Dallas to Santa Barbara where the “potential buyers view the home for a second time, he is asked to and waits in his car outside the property during the viewing, but Mr. Westcott calls Ms. Clarke to have the real estate agents and buyers leave his house because of his extreme post-operative back pain.”

The next day, Gudvi signs the contract on behalf of Bloom and Perry. On July 19, 2020, Westcott said his doctor decreased his medicine.

Then on July 22, 2020, Westcott “begins to feel clear” headed and sends an email indicating that he has “decided not to sell his home, and described that his decision had been affected by his chronic medical condition, recent surgery, and medications. The buyers respond asking him to reconsider.”

On July 23, 2020, Westcott replied that he “regrettably can’t sell.” 24 hours later, Perry’s lawyer demanded that the sale move forward despite his claims.

In the letter sent by Gudvi’s lawyer, he said that he was aware that Westcott was attempting to back out. “You must understand that you committed to sell the residence and that you accepted my client’s offer to purchase the residence” for $15 million.

The lawyer said, “This is an emotional purchase for them, and they are not willing to walk away.” Further, the attorney claimed, “We are informed that you were negotiating with a third-party for a sale of the residence for several weeks prior to consummating the transaction with my client.”

He added, “It is not unusual for a seller of a property such as this to suffer some degree “seller’s remorse.” However, as I’m sure you know, “seller’s remorse” is not grounds for canceling a binding contract.”

The lawyer ended, “My clients intend to move forward under the Purchase Agreement.”

The following month, Westcott filed his lawsuit.

Perry and Bloom have yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit. The couple are not defendants in the case.


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  1. Perry & Bloom need to back off & forget about it. Rich people always think they should get their way.

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