Child Star Plans to ‘Expose Hollywood’ with Explosive New Podcast

Former child star Alyson Stoner has revealed a new podcast in which the actor vows to ‘expose Hollywood’ and share the ‘dark’ side of the industry.

The now 30-year-old, who uses they/them pronouns, became co-host of the Disney Channel Mike’s Super Short Show in 2001 at just eight-years-old.

Stoner has now promised to life the lid on the darker side of the industry with their new podcast Dear Hollywood, in which they will talk about what it was like to be a child star and grow up in front of the camera.

In a teaser for the podcast, Stoner gave a hint on what will feature in upcoming episodes and it seems like no topics will be off-limits.

“Drug addiction, psychiatric hospitalizations, decimated fortunes, sexual trauma, incarceration, suicide. Name something comparable to the pop culture phenomenon of child stardom,” they began.

“I’m Alyson, I started performing at three-years-old and working professionally in Hollywood at seven.

“In Dear Hollywood, I’m going to take you to every stop of the way from toddler to train wreck. Are you here for gossip and a conspiracy? For passive entertainment? For social activism?

Alyson Stoner has launched a new podcast. Credit: YouTube/Dear Hollywood
Alyson Stoner has launched a new podcast. Credit: YouTube/Dear Hollywood

“No one’s ever called you into the conversation before, and I’m going to need your help.”

In a caption alongside the promo video, Stoner said they were set to ‘expose Hollywood’.

The lengthy caption read: “It’s time to expose Hollywood. Child stardom is a unique cultural phenomenon with a notoriously dark shadow.

“Precocious young talents skyrocket to success only to repeat horror stories of addiction, decimated fortunes, and suicide. What is behind the toddler-to-train wreck pipeline? Why hasn’t it stopped? How are you connected to it at home?

“I will be revealing intimate firsthand accounts alongside comprehensive expertise and action plans to change entertainment and inspire your own life path and healing.”

The first episode was released today (11 August) and saw Stoner speak openly about the ‘lack of privacy’ they felt and how their life changed forever at such a young age.

They said: “I lost the ability to relate to non-famous experiences after the age of eight. Imagine on your eighth birthday you could never walk outside again without being stopped, asked for photos, or followed, unless you wore a disguise or brought security with you.”

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