Actress Jaime King’s Estranged Husband Fears She’ll ‘Abduct’ Their Kids

Jaime King’s estranged husband is fighting her plans to take their children out of the country, revealing he fears she’ll “abduct” them if she takes them to Vietnam on vacation.

Kyle Newman rushed to court to put a kibosh on King’s plans to travel overseas with their two minor sons, James and Leo.

“I cannot agree for Jaime to take our children to Vietnam on vacation after school starts — Vietnam is a non-Hague Convention Child Abduction Treaty country,” Newman stated in the recently filed legal documents obtained by The Blast.

Making his fears clear as day for the judge, King’s ex explained, “I am concerned that Jaime will remain there here is a court order which we heavily negotiated that does not allow for either of us to take the children to a non-Hague Treaty country.”

He also alleged the Hart of Dixie actress “has already attempted to intercept our children’s passports without my knowledge or consent, which concerns me that Jaime plans to abduct our minor children.”

King’s estranged husband said she “was dishonest with me from the start regarding her intentions to travel with our children to Vietnam, and I do not consent to it.”

“Vietnam is not a signatory to the Hague Convention,” he wrote, adding, “Based on Jaime’s conduct historically and over the last 6 months, I have a reasonable fear that she will refuse to return the children to me after their trip.”

According to Newman, King has “repeatedly and blatantly violated multiple court orders,” including child custody orders “preventing her from being intoxicated while the children are in her custody.” He accuses his ex of “repeatedly testing as inebriated with SoberLink, even in the morning while she had custody of the children.”

FYI — SoberLink is a remote alcohol monitoring system that uses a breathalyzer to measure BAC and facial recognition to ensure that only the authorized user can take the test.

King and Newman have been locked in a bitter divorce battle since she filed to end their 12-year marriage in May 2020, with the Black Summer actress claiming she had been “suffering years of physical, emotional, verbal, and fiscal abuse” at the hands of her ex.

King was recently ordered to amp up her spousal and child support payments to Newman, reported PEOPLE in April.

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