Cher ‘Concerned’ Over Son’s Health

Music legends Cher and Sonny Bono’s son, Chaz, has been getting tough love from his superstar mom after putting on weight.

A new report suggested that recent photos of Chaz during a visit to an L.A.-based chiropractor showed his thicker figure amid concerns in his inner circle.

“Chaz has always been a heavy guy, but this summer, he’s gained at least 30 pounds,” an insider claimed. “It’s a classic case of him gorging on carbs and snacks and being unwilling to exercise.”

The 54-year-old’s physique has alarmed loved ones, including the Strong Enough hitmaker, who is said to be closer than ever with her son, but even she can’t talk to him about his weight.

“When Cher, or anyone else, tries to bring it up, Chaz gets super defensive,” said the tipster.

The famed duo recently joined forces to executive produce the new horror film Little Bites, which started production in June. Chaz also has a role in the upcoming flick, similar to the double duty he had in Bury the Bride, which he executive produced and starred in.

Sources said the stress, as well as the craft service table, have made it easy for him to overeat.

His weight gain is also claimed to be impacting his romance with his girlfriend Shara Blue. “He isn’t feeling good on any level and, of course, that comes out at home,” said the source, according to the National Enquirer. “Shara is trying to be supportive.”

When asked for comment, a rep for Cher told, “Ridiculous on all counts. Cher has a loving supportive relationship with her son Chaz.”

Despite the personal struggle, Chaz — who previously came out as gay before his publicist confirmed he was transitioning from female to male — said he’s overjoyed to be collaborating with a talented team on his latest horror venture.

“I’m so excited to be working on my second film with OneFox Productions and to be working with my mom Cher is an extra bonus,” Chaz told the Hollywood Reporter.

Actress Krsy Fox also said it comes with a powerful message. “This film serves as a dark metaphor for parenthood and protecting your children at all costs. The stakes are high and the outcome is terrifying and gruesome,” Fox said.

Writer and director Spider One, the younger brother of Rob Zombie, echoed those sentiments. “To be surrounded and supported by such legendary talent and producing partners is quite honestly a surreal experience,” he shared. “There could not be a better team to help me realize the terrifying and heartbreaking tale.”

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  1. “Chaz” is not Cher’s son, she’s Cher’s daughter and that is 90 percent of the problem. The other 10 percent of the problem is the idiots that accept and promote this “transgender” nonsense…

  2. Chaz is a special person who was Driven to making a choice they never should have made and no matter what kind of Drugs hormones, surgery, Chaz will always be a female.
    Cher is disgusting and like the rest of us need Christ, not a sex change

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