Al Roker Called a ‘Jerk’ On-Air by ‘Today’ Co-Host Craig Melvin (Video)

In a recent ‘Today’ broadcast, Craig Melvin brutally slammed co-host and meteorologist Al Roker after his savage comment.

This all went down during a fitness segment on ‘Today’s’ Thursday (August 10) episode when the hosts were learning exercises on live TV.

Al recently made a big announcement with his fans revealing that the documentary ‘Gaining Ground: The Fight For Black Land’ produced by Al Roker Entertainment was featured at Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. He attended the festival alongside his wife, Deborah Roberts.

Meanwhile, Melvin again went missing from the ‘Today’ show on Friday just after he returned to NBC studio. He later revealed the real reason behind his absence as he posted a bunch of snaps from Birmingham.

Melvin was at Brimingham-Jefferson Convention Complex in Alabama for the NBCU Academy. The photo featured the TV personality alongside NBC News president, Rebecca Blumenstein, and executive vice president, Libby Leist.

‘You’re such a jerk’

On Thursday, August 10 ‘Today’ broadcast, Melvin, Roker, and Sheinelle Jones kicked off the fitness segment while lying on the yoga mats on the floor. The hosts welcomed guest and Daily Thrive app founder, Vicky Justiz.

The segment started with a bumpy road as Roker said, “We’re learning exercises you can do right from the comfort of your couch.” However, Melvin found himself caught in a fit of laughter, making him unable to start the workout promptly.

As the fellow hosts did their first exercise together, Melvin couldn’t hold it together and mentioned that he found his head’s position funny which was right between Roker’s legs.

Jones said to Vicky, “Good luck keeping up on the rails.” While the ‘Today’ hosts continued with the ‘Lazy Girl Couch Workout’ segment under Vicky’s instruction, she revealed, “The point of his workout is that it can be done by anyone, anywhere, [at] anytime.”

The group began with a workout called side leg raises. However, Melvin seemed uncomfortable when the anchor lay on his side and lifted his leg high. To feel less exposed, he tried adjusting his jacket and using his tie to cover himself.

Melvin eventually stopped doing the exercises altogether as Roker grinned and asked the instructor, “What’s another lower body one?”

Vicky then suggested doing a clamshell exercise, which involved lifting one knee and opening the legs in a slightly awkward way.

Melvin couldn’t believe it and joked, “Some producer’s gonna lose their job over this.” Roker cheekily responded with a savage dig, “Well ‘some producer’ didn’t make you wear one size too small.”

Everyone, including the hosts, instructor, and camera crew, burst into laughter. Melvin pleaded, “Let’s move on to the upper body. How about we move on to the upper body.” When he got up, he jokingly laughed at Roker and said, “You are such a jerk.”

At the end of the workout, Melvin apologized to Vicky, saying, “I want to formally apologize for my friend Al.”

Watch the clip below:

Al Roker’s act against Craig Melvin

Last week on the ‘Today’, Roker came to the defense of his fellow host Savannah Guthrie when Melvin rolled his eyes at a joke made on-air.

The episode featured Guthrie learning a new summer recipe during the ‘Today’ food segment. The episode included author Alison Roman demonstrating how to make the perfect summer shortcake to Guthrie.

After mixing the ingredients, Alison began kneading the dough on a cutting board. She mentioned, “You don’t want to over knead,” prompting Guthrie to pun, “Don’t be kneady!” Alison replied, “That’s my joke,” as Guthrie glanced at her co-hosts at the adjacent table.

The camera showed co-hosts Melvin, Roker, Hoda Kotb, and Carson Daly enjoying their food. Guthrie humorously noted, “Craig is rolling his eyes at me, and I don’t blame you.”

Roker, wearing a fedora and a blue suit, came to Guthrie’s defense, saying, “You own it.” Guthrie thanked Roker and continued with the segment.

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