Wheel of Fortune Fixes Error That Had Contestant Bizarrely Lose $6K

It was puzzling, for sure.

“Wheel of Fortune” producers appear to have fixed an editing error in an episode that had one contestant mysteriously lose money despite not landing on a bankruptcy tile.

The Season 39 episode, which aired March 15, saw Carla Sartori’s $6,750 vanish into thin air. In a rerun last week, Sartori was shown losing the money when she landed on the bankruptcy slat.

“Color me surprised that #WheelofFortune corrected their mistake,” one social media user tweeted on Aug. 2. “Tonight’s rerun was the episode where Carla Sartori lost over $6,000 to a ‘phantom Bankrupt’ that mistakenly got edited out and seemingly caused her to lose. The rerun airing put the Bankrupt back in.”

The Post reached out to “Wheel” reps for comment.

In the new video, Sartori can be seen spinning the wheel with her nearly $7k only for it to land on bankruptcy and wiping her out of cash.
In a rerun last week, Sartori was shown losing the money when she landed on the bankruptcy slat.

The production snafu isn’t the only “Wheel” head-scratcher this year.

It was announced in June that “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, 48, will succeed “Wheel” host Pat Sajak, 76, who is retiring at the end of Season 41, which begins in September.

Critics argue that Seacrest has too many jobs, and the gig should have gone to longtime letter-flipper Vanna White, 66.

For her part, White is reportedly attempting to negotiate a raise that would bring her to half of Sajak’s estimated $15 million annual salary.

White has allegedly only received bonuses for her work over the past 18 years, never a raise.

“After 41 years as a model employee and more the face of that show than [Sajak], asking for 50% of what he makes seems like a no-brainer,” an unidentified source close to White told TMZ.

White has reportedly “lawyered up” with attorney Bryan Freedman, who once represented Mike Richards, the short-lived “Jeopardy!” host who departed the show in 2021 after offensive and sexist comments he had made resurfaced.

A source told the Daily Mail that White fears being let go from the show upon Sajak’s exit.

“The next year is going to be quite the ride, and Vanna wants to be a part of it all even after he leaves, and she hopes they don’t force her out,” the insider claimed.

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