Security Dog Attacks Elderly Man, 81, at Disneyland

An elderly man claims a security dog at Disneyland severely mauled him after its handler failed to handle the pooch.

Paul Perez, of Las Vegas, filed the civil lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts on Aug. 1 for pain and suffering, emotional distress and medical treatment costs.

In the claim, the 81-year-old grandpa said he and his family were on their way to the Anaheim, Calif., theme park on May 10, 2022, when a security guard caused the K9 to “abruptly step directly in front and very close” to Perez.

The elderly man then bumped into the dog, which reacted to the sudden movement.

“The dog then attacked the plaintiff, biting him in the stomach,” according to the complaint.

The grandpa suffered serious bite marks on the left side of his stomach.

A picture of his wound showed the painful bite marks and the skin surrounding the wound turning black and blue.

“He’s just this older guy on the way to Disneyland with his family to enjoy the day,” Perez’s attorney, Ian Pancer, told the Orange County Register.

“You can imagine it’s pretty traumatic for the guy to have been attacked by a dog.”

Perez was rushed to a local hospital by his daughter and was treated for his wounds.

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