Evil Oregon Kidnapper Appeared on ‘Judge Judy’ Using Alias

The diabolical Oregon man who allegedly held a sex worker captive in a makeshift jail cell in his garage appeared on an episode “Judge Judy” alongside the wife he’s been accused of beating and tormenting.

Negasi Zuberi, 29, appeared on the hit daytime courtroom show under the name Justin Hythe — one of 10 aliases the alleged creep has used in the past, according to the FBI.

Zuberi sued Alycia Westfall, the mother of his two children living at his Klamath Falls, Ore. home, following a domestic dispute and for damaging his suits with bleach.

At the time of the airing on Sept. 2019, the couple had been separated and shared custody of their sons when Westfall showed up at his residence demanding he return their children because he was “drunk,” resurfaced video of the episode showed.

As a screaming match ensues, Westfall slapped the phone from Zuberi in the hallway of his apartment building as he holds one of their children.

He later flees to the street as the distraught mother follows and throws a glass bottle at him.

Westfall countersued Zuberi in the episode for filing a “false restraining order” and smashing her cell phone but lost.

The no-nonsense judge, whose name is Judith Sheindlin, wasn’t buying Westfall’s claims and ordered the mother to pay Zuberi $2,500 in damages.


Zuberi has made home in 10 states — including California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, and Nevada — in the last 10 years.

The FBI claimed Zuberi used multiple aliases during the period — one recurring name being “Sakima” and Justin Kouassi — to commit similar sinister acts to other victims.

The judge ruled in favor of Zuberi at the civil court hearing.
The judge ruled in favor of Zuberi at the civil court hearing.

Nearly four years after the episode aired, Zuberi is jailed for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman he held captive in a makeshift cinder block cell in his garage.

Zuberi traveled roughly 450 miles from his Oregon home to Seattle on July 15, where he picked up a prostitute and lied about being an undercover police officer, according to the FBI.

The woman claimed Zuberi allegedly held a taser at her and cuffed her hands and legs in the back seat as they trekked back to Oregon.

She escaped when she broke open the door before flagging a pedestrian to call the police.

Zuberi fled the scene as the Klamath Falls Police Department arrived with a search warrant later that day.

Zuberi was located in Reno, Nevada, on July 16 in a Walmart parking lot — about 250 miles from his home — and surrendered after a 45-minute standoff with police, according to the FBI.

The predator had also viciously attacked Westfall in July 2020 — less than two years after they both appeared on the courtroom TV show.

The cinderblock cell in Zuberi's home in Klamath Falls, where he stored the victim until she eventual escape.
The cinderblock cell in Zuberi’s home in Klamath Falls, where he stored the victim until she eventual escape.

The victim eventually escaped and found help by banging down the cell's metal door.
The victim eventually escaped and found help by banging down the cell’s metal door.

During the couple’s time living in Antioch, California, with their kids — who were both under five at the time — Zuberi traumatized both Westfall and the children, according to court papers obtained.

“He screams at the kids and me, threatens me verbally, financially and mentally abusive to all of us,” Westfall alleged in the request for a protective order in 2020.

A judge granted Westfall’s temporary restraining order request and ordered Zuberi to stay at least 100 yards away from her and the children.

The order was dismissed and the case was taken off the court calendar on Sept.14, 2020, for reasons which weren’t recorded.

Zuberi was taken to the Washoe County Jail in Reno and faces life in prison if convicted on interstate kidnapping charges.

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  1. Those white blocks are ‘cement blocks’… “cinder blocks” are black and made of the hard black cinder residue leftover from burning large amounts of coal…
    This evil guy easily fooled the TV folks…
    Where does he get his money from?

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