Comedian and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Winner Rushed to Hospital After Accident

Joe Pasquale is currently touring his latest comedy show up and down the country but one of his latest shows almost ended in disaster.

After performing at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness, Pasquale has told Kate Thornton on the White Wine Podcast that a slip resulted in a near-death accident.

“I nearly died at the weekend. I nearly killed myself, I nearly died. I really did. That close,” Pasquale opened up.

He went on to explain that during his act, he uses a pair of moose antlers as a prop in order to tee up the joke: “I put too much mousse on me hair.”

However, once the show had ended, Pasquale revealed the moose antlers and other props end up “strewn all over the stage”.

He delved further: “I’m starting to put all my props away and I literally trip over my moose head. And it was in slow motion.

He went on: “So I had one leg on the ground, the other one’s hanging out there to the right hand side, and I managed to push myself over. My torso went over the top of the moose head.

“It was like Tom Cruise in the new Mission Impossible film,” he joked. “I actually twisted round on to my back as well – all in a split second. It was all in a split second.

“And as I came down on the moose’s head, on its prongs, it only got me in the back of the leg.

“It really hurt, but I thought, ‘That’s ok’,” Pasquale added before he revealed his tour manager “laughed” when he heard the story.

However, when Pasquale showed the injury on his leg, his manager’s attitude changed: “He nearly went white, he nearly fainted. He went, ‘Oh my god, you need a medic’.”

The severity of Pasquale’s injury clearly shocked the medic on-site as well who ended up urging the comedian to head to hospital.

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