Doctor Accidentally Injected Woman with Flesh-Burning Acid

A Pennsylvania woman was inadvertently injected with a dangerous acid during a routine medical procedure, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The patient, identified only as 33-year-old Christine, had visited Main Line Fertility in 2022 for a procedure to check for blockages in her fallopian tubes. But instead of being injected with harmless saline, she was accidentally given a syringe filled with Trichloroacetic acid—a highly caustic substance used in very small doses to treat genital warts, according to a lawsuit.

Within seconds, Christine felt an agonizing burning pain. “I kept saying, ‘Something is off. Something is wrong. Is it supposed to burn?’” Christine said.

Main Line Fertility’s Dr. Allison Bloom—who injected the acid but who hadn’t prepared the syringe—wrote that she saw “white plaques consistent with burns from the acid” in Christine’s vagina and on her legs.

Christine is now suing Main Line Fertility and Main Line Health, a hospital system of which Dr. Bloom is a staff member. “We intend to hold Dr. Bloom and other Main Line Fertility defendants accountable for the grossly irresponsible actions that led to this unthinkable scenario unfolding in the first place,” said Robert S. Miller, Christine’s lawyer.

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