Postwoman Dies After Getting Trapped in Elevator for THREE DAYS

A postwoman was found dead inside an elevator after becoming trapped inside for three days during one of her paper rounds.

Olga Leontyeva, 32, is said to have screamed for help on the top floor of the building in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The mother-of-one was declared missing by her loved ones after she didn’t return home after work on July 24. According to a source, “no one heard her shouts for help” and the alarm system was out of use.

Devastating footage showed the moment Olga stepped into the elevator on the ground floor of the nine-story building before the tragedy unfolded. Her family alerted the authorities on July 26, and her body was discovered lifeless the next day following an intense search.

The prosecutor’s office has confirmed an investigation is underway. Olga leaves behind her six-year-old daughter, who is being looked after by relatives.

An earlier check found that the Chinese-manufactured elevator was in working order. However, it hadn’t been registered. A spokesperson for the Regional Electricity Networks enterprise confirmed there were no power cuts on the day of the incident.

Fakhriddin Nuraliyev said: “This is evidenced by the records of emergency shutdowns. The cause of the incident was the malfunction of the elevator. This was confirmed by the residents of the house as well.”

Footage of Olga entering the elevator

Last week, a woman was sadly found dead after becoming trapped in an elevator following a power cut in Italy. Authorities identified the woman as Francesca Marchione.

The residential building, located in Palermo, Sicily, was hit by a blackout after the power failed on July 26. Emergency services were called to the scene following the incident.

According to an early investigation, the elevator doors were open but Marchione was unable to escape because the lift was stuck between two floors. The 61-year-old was stuck for several hours.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: “After we were alerted that the elevator was not working and that a person might be trapped inside, we immediately intervened. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found Mrs. Francesca Marchione lifeless inside the elevator.”

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