Mob Kills Bouncer Outside ‘Swanky’ Hollywood Nightclub (Video)

A security guard at Hollywood’s Dragonfly nightclub was killed early Sunday morning after being brutally beaten by a large mob.

Police are still trying to piece together the details of the incident. Officers responded to the Dragonfly in the 6500 block of Santa Monica Boulevard near Wilcox Avenue around 2 a.m. on reports of a group of 10 people attacking one person.

“The victim was working at this nightclub, and a large group – for unknown reasons – confronted that security guard, causing him to fall into the street,” said LAPD West Bureau Homicide Division Detective Samuel Marullo. “At which time the group advanced and kicked and stomped him to death.”

The investigation is still determining whether the fight began inside the club and spilled onto the street, or started outside.

First responders attempted rescue measures on the security guard. He has only been identified as a male in his 30s.

Dragonflywas still open at the time of the security guard’s death. According to the club’s social media, it was hosting its weekly Signature Saturdays event, with Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley headlining.

The club also hosts an event on Sundays called Sunday Night Fever. It is not known if that will still happen in the wake of the death.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information regarding the attack is urged to contact the LAPD.

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  1. This is the result of the soft on crime prosecutor and the mayor of L.A., expect the crime wave to worsen, until the ignorant realize that the city is dying!

  2. I was about to say, what is wrong with people today that makes them NOTHING more than animals. Then they said the headliner was a rap artist. Well, that answered my first question.

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